Wiko Lenny 3

That’s my new phone. Why I chose it?
Well it has Android 6, possible to play Pkeomon Go (at least that’s what people say online and I certainly will try it out) and it is cheap (99 EUR)!
The phone itself is available in different colors:
Space Grey, Bleen (that’s basically Turquoise), Gold, Lime, Cinnabar (Red), Rose Gold
I chose to buy Bleen – no difference in price for different colors as it seems to be standard for other brands. So why go for Grey when I can have something awesome?!
I bought also a cover hull for it – nothing fancy. Just some butterflies.


So here’s a first experience ….
First unpacking it is fairly easy. The package has different parts where everything is located. Rather organized and no bullshit packaging as I experienced with previous phones.

So after pulling the phone, battery and cables out of the box I tried to open the back to put in the battery, SIM and SD card …. that is actually the hard part. Despite the manual saying to open it with the fingernails on its back it is rather…. opening it with help of fingernails on the side – you can watch this on several videos on Youtube, I needed help from there as well. Here are two helpful links how to do that
1st Video (unboxing Lenny 3)
2nd Video (how to open back side)
I found 2nd one better than the first one but that might be different for other people (plus: 2nd is German but it is kind of obvious what she’s doing: get fingernails between black and colored side of phone and slide it around – mine actually was possible to open when I was done with 2 sides! Long nails do help here)
After opening the phone the rest is rather easy. It has 2 SIM slots, so yay for holidays.
Putting it together is really easy – despite the trouble I had with opening it 😀

Charging the phone doesn’t take much time – battery was already at 80% when I started charging. That might be different for others.
A red light shows that it is charging – it changes to green when the battery is full.

The power button is the smaller one on the right side of the phone. The large one is for volume up/down. Of course usually you would press the larger button for on/off as other phones use this but it’s the other way around here.

It takes some time to start (1-2 minutes) and asks for your lock code if your SIM is usually locked.
Then it asks for your language and Wifi connection (you can skip this).
After checking the connection it updates the software and asks if you want to copy your settings from another device – appearantly that one needs to be online or something. It couldn’t find mine – nevermind.
It then asks for your google account and gets all related information from there…if you agree.
After that you can setup payment information or not …
It says “Just a sec” after this – it takes a long sec 😀 and asks for an additional personal or exchange email address which you can setup later too (I don’t do that. I load my Outlook through an app anyways)
Now you can choose a PIN or other method to secure the phone…
And restore settings and apps from previous devices – that’s actually really helpful.

Now it finally shows you the main screen …with a welcome message.
And now the exploring starts as the menu differs a bit from other phones I know – especially as my previous one was a cute Samsung S4 Mini. It will take some time to get used to this one 🙂


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