Express Delivery Going Wrong

Like. Really wrong.
And the shop I ordered with actually doesn’t seem to care much either – at least some of the people working at Customer Service.

I ordered a new cellphone as my current one gives me a great deal of “pleasure” dealing with it – black screening for minutes and random restarts just being two things of that.
As I wanted to replace it ASAP I paid an extra of 1,99 EUR to get it via “Express Delivery” to a grocery shop which is not exactly close-by but as I had things to do in that area anyways…
The delivery was meant to be there after 5PM. It was sent at 1:17PM and status stated that delivery will take place between 3:15PM and 3:45PM.
I was at the shop at 5:10PM – no delivery. Status still stating the same. Hm. I got home and contacted the customer service (ik = me, A = CS member, name erased out of courtesy):

Goedemiddag! Waarmee kan ik je helpen?
17:36:52Ik: Hello, I have a complaint regarding an order I placed today
17:37:08Ik: Order number: xxxxxxx
17:38:41Ik: 11-08-2016 17:37 Shipment is on its way and will be delivered on 11-08-2016 between 15:15 and 15:45
I placed this order before 12PM. I ordered Express delivery so I can pick it up after 5PM.
How come it is STILL NOT at the AH?!
17:39:05A: I’m sorry to hear that you have a complaint about an order. Well you speak about it!

I’m looking for your order here. Do you have a moment?
17:39:16Ik: Sure
17:41:46A: Your order is on the way to the pick up point.
17:42:21Ik: Yes. But why do I order express when it statesd it can be picked up after 5PM and it’s still not there?!
17:42:49Ik: I chose that option for a reason. I went to the shop and they told me it’s not there yet. And probably even won’t be anymore
17:42:54Ik: that’s wasted 1,99 eur for me
17:43:16Ik: plus the travel money for the bus as I need to go there now twice
17:44:06A: It indicates that you can pick up the package after 5 pm and not at 5 pm. Once the package has arrived, you will receive a collection notice by mail.
17:45:02Ik: So basically…. if it won’t arrive today due to whatever reason the driver had for not dropping it at the estimated time which it says in the status I wasted money on something which is indeed an useless service?
17:45:17Ik: 11-08-2016 17:37 Shipment is on its way and will be delivered on 11-08-2016 between 15:15 and 15:45

17:49:03A: Sorry, but your order is still on his way. During ordering has already indicated that you can recieveit after 5 hours. This is also confirmed in the order confirmation you receive by email. It may be that your order was previously expected to deliver there earlier that why another time has been communicated , but the original time remains after 5 hours. As I just told you will receive an email when your package is delivered to the collection point. I want to also ask you to wait it out a bit.
17:50:56Ik: Great. So I will compalin again when those 5 hours are over. Don’t expect me to ever choose this option ever again as it’s bogus claiming it is there at 5PM when it’s not
17:51:56A: Ok, did you also had other questions?
17:52:20Ik: Nope thanks

What the hell? Seriously?! Well I waited. And meanwhile I checked the confirmations I received for this order as well as the website of the shop and NOWHERE is an information about anything regarding 5 hours. What the hell was she on?
It says on the website (can’t find it where I saw that last night but it said): “If you order before 12PM there is the option to let it deliver to a Kiala afhaalpunkt in the neighborhood and available from 5PM the same date.”
That is actually really clear to me? Why would I wait longer than it is stated on their own website?!

No mail for confirmation that package arrived at the store. No status change. In fact it still states to be arriving yesterday 15:15 – 15:45 – time travel?!

This morning I contacted Customer Service yet again (ik = me, B = CS member, name erased out of courtesy)

07:07:50B: Goedemorgen! Waarmee kan ik je helpen?
07:08:27Ik: Bestelnummer: xxxxxxxx
I was talking to a colleague of yours yesterday who told me to complain at a later point again as this express delivery is NOT delivered as express
07:08:53B: Let me check it for you
07:9:38B: Is it not delivered yet ?
07:10:05Ik: 12-08-2016 07:09 Zending is onderweg en zal geleverd worden op 11-08-2016 tussen 15:15 en 15:45

it is not. I didn’t receive a confimration either
07:10:57Ik: And I want the money back which I wasted on this option to receive it the same day. I was at the shop yesterday as well (spent 2,50 on bus drive) and they told me 17:10 that it wasn’t in the delivery and probably won’t arrive the same day anymore
07:11:01B: Did you asked with the Albert Heijn because there are faults in our mail system.
07:11:9Ik: thats why I already complained yesterday
07:11:19B: I understand
07:11:20Ik: Yes, they said they don’t have the package
07:11:52Ik: And I’m not going to drive back and forth every hour to check on it
07:12:22B: I can reinburst you ofcourse for the delivery cost by putting a gift certificate in your account for 5 euro’s.
07:13:02B: And i will ask a other department to investigate whast went wrong. As soon as we got a answer we let you know.
07:13:04Ik: That would be okay with me. But I’m concerned where this package is now
07:13:19B: Forgive my English but this is a dutch chat site
07:13:38Ik: No problem
07:14:22Ik: According to PostNL the package is still in the Sorteercentrum and never was on the way to AH
07:14:23B: But i will let it investigate and as soon as we know what happend to your parcel we send you a e-mail.
07:14:55B: i will let it investigate and as soon as we know what happend to your parcel we send you a e-mail.
07:15:00Ik: Okay
07:15:18Ik: I really hope I can pick this up today. It’s really inconvenient for me right now.
07:15:51B: I understand and my appoligies for that. As soon as we know more we come back to you.
07:15:56Ik: Thanks

Finally someone with a brain and understands the situation. Or that’s what I thought.
Because several hours later still no mail, no information, nothing.
(But why the hell didn’t anyone figure before to check the tracking number? The package is still in the general centrum ready to ship out…. no changes there since this morning.)

So yet again another attempt to talk to Customer Service (ik = me, C = CS member, name erased out of courtesy):

Goedemorgen! Wat kan ik voor je doen?
11:33:50Ik: Hi, sorry I only speak English.
Bestelnummer xxxxxxxxx

I had a talk with your colleague B earlier today regarding this order.
11:34:15Ik: She wanted to find out where the package is. But seriously I need this order to be available for pick-up or delivered to me TODAY
11:36:29C: I will check what she did and what I can do.
11:36:49Ik: Thanks
11:42:43C: First of all I’m putting a 4,99 giftcard in your account to compensate that it wasn’t delivered the same day. I understand that getting your order is your priority ofcourse. I am forwarding this to the department that has contact with Kiala. Unfortunately I can’t do this myself. I will mark it as urgent.
11:43:12Ik: So nothing was done yet? ……..
11:46:02C : I see that there is indeed no clarity yet if it will definately arrive at the pickup point today. I expect it will. Then ou will recieve an e-mail after 15:00 that you can pick it up.
11:46:33C: I forwarded it to the responsible department to ask if they can already confirm that it will definately be deliverd there today.
11:46:55Ik: Well it should – as it was an express delivery planned for yesterday which they fucked up
11:47:13C: Ofcourse you could Always place a second order right now, but I can understand if you don’t wnat tot do that.
11:48:04Ik: I will not pay additionally 99 Eur …. even if it’s a placeholder on my credit card. I’m not a cash cow for rotten service
11:48:33C: Do you have any further questions?
11:48:44Ik: And i certainly will NOT use the “express” again after the experience I had with this. It’s a mess
11:49:11Ik: No.I really hope this will be solved by today! Thanks!

So. I had some hope this morning. But nothing happened since then.

12-08-2016 12:18 Zending is onderweg en zal geleverd worden op 11-08-2016 tussen 15:15 en 15:45

Wow. Really. Wow. Just. Wow.
I’ll never use any express delivery again if they just can’t live up to their own expectations. And this shop possibly does not seem to be able to do so. And in that regard also has some issues with their own organization.

I really hope that will be solved today. Because right now I’m seriously pissed.


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