Pokémon GO: 2nd Week

My second week was a real efficient one – well, until Wednesday and starting on Saturday again (although I had quite the fun time in Germany while grabbing all those PokéStops).

I got an Ekans, Exeggcute, Rhyhorn and Sandshrew while hatching eggs on Saturday and Sunday. Yay~ Regrettably I only saw a Sandshrew shadow once at work but while I was at break I couldn’t figure out where it is. Now I got one haha.








I also was able to get a Jigglypuff this week~ it’s kinda rare to see it where I live and work so hooray~
I wish I could see those buggers more often – same for fire or stone monsters :/
For some reason I get the other types around my home quite often.






When I jumped into the train on Thursday to visit friends in Germany, I was Level 19 and amazed that there are barely any PokéStops at Amsterdam Centraal – not close to the tracks as they are in Haarlem 😦
I was running low on balls and couldn’t get any – meh.
I had the same issue when I switched trains in Cologne – nothing close to the tracks…
After I bought a travel pass to access mobile data in Germany I could go hunting for monsters (after figuring out why it wouldn’t get any connection at first) and PokéStops.
Neuwied has sooooo many~
After beating the gym at the cinema in Koblenz I made a weird mistake *rofl* …. I put my Ekans into the gym. So I let my friend beat it and beat her Dragonite after to retrieve the gym with my Hypno (just because…although I had the Defender bonus already).

The same evening (Thursday) I was able to see and catch a Ponyta close to my friends’ place. She was freaking out that I saw and caught it while we walked back a few meters after dropping off the car and couldn’t find it on her phone. :/




Friday I was busy being the maid-of-honor at my friends’ wedding so no leveling or PokéStops or something.
On Saturday I traveled back to the Netherlands. While my train stopped at Venlo I took the train station gym 😀
Of course it was taken just a few minutes after I took it (also maybe because I just dumped my super fast Pidgeot in there – I don’t have much choice regarding my Pokémon as most of them are below 1k and super cute but super weak 😀 meanwhile I exchanged that Pidgeot for a stronger one) but I got my bonus~

I also took my train station gym after returning which was taken nearly immediately after again. Well. I had the def bonus already due to taking the Venlo gym but sometimes I kind of like messing around with other players 😀
I had some luck again with hatching eggs the very same day too. Got a Mankey and a Vulpix:




This morning (Monday) I couldn’t catch a Squirtle 😦 CP 422 and it ran away after I blew up my Hyper Balls on it -_-

After that I beat the gym at my train station.
I also noticed something… at the last “boss” I saw someone joining my fight 😮 a few seconds later we beat the monster there and I put my Hypno into the gym,
taking it for Instinct, while there was also a Dragonite in there immediately and the gym level was already level 3 😀  (due to the other one beating the previous owner?) That was fun.

I need another 19k to Level 21 and am running low and lower on PokéBalls. I just hope I can get some at the PokéStops after work on my way home 😦




Pokémon GO: My 1st Week

I started playing after I installed my new phone… I do think the date is quite nice: 13th of August 😀 although this was unintentionally as my phone simply didn’t arrive the date it was supposed to.

So after installing the app and opening it…. the professor dude asked for my name…. well I wanted to choose my normal one for such things – “DeeVee” was already taken.
I tried a 2nd (Shichika) and 3rd one (Asteria) – taken aswell…. so I chose a name I didn’t use anywhere since I stopped playing FlyFF: KaryuuTheBlade (which is the same name as my Youtube Account *hinthint*) and suddenly it worked. Hooray. (Well that Blade-thing never fit in the name in FlyFF but as it was my class I chose it as a nice thing for YT so well can’t be wrong for Pokémon either.)
Now I started. As I wasn’t aware of the trick how to start with Pikachu (and was located in my apartment without the intention to step outside for this anyways) I chose the very first Pokémon I started back then in the days when playing with a Gameboy was a thing… and when Pokémon Red and Blue were released…. *drum roll*


I chose Charmander (hell, I need to get used to those names, I only know the localized names in German – don’t get me started on the Poké Rap please it plays unintentionally in my brain everytime I catch one of those buggers – at the correct phrase or at least I think it is the correct one…)

I still own that Charmander as I didn’t see any other yet – besides I live close to the sea – how would a fire Pokémon….. anyways…

The first one I actually caught after this default catch was a Spearow. Not a Pidgey.

I caught some Spearows and Rattatas and an Abra which was sitting in my kitchen (I don’t play with AR but I was in the kitchen when it appeared) – so after a few catches my list looked quite cute.

I heard from other people that Pidgeys are a plague but I didn’t see any until I reached Level 4. The moment I told a friend I didn’t see any yet… I saw one. For me up to then it was the Spearow plague.
After the first Pidgey it got less Spearows more Pidgey so now it is my personal Pidgey-Rattata-Plague :/

Back to Day 1. After catching some Pokémon I was running out on balls – I got a PokéStop directly in front of my apartment block buuuuuuuuut it’s 8 floors down and ~25 meters away from my apartment so duh. I went downstairs ONCE the whole weekend to get some stuff from that Stop (hoping for balls) and there was a Grimer sitting directly on the way to the Stop. Caught it and went a few steps further but suddenly my GPS went nuts (well, it was really windy and as I live close to the sea I think there was some dust or something disturbing it maybe – or it is the phone itself). I was standing in front of the Stop and it showed me running somewhere else – it didn’t grab the correct coords even after reopening the app… so I went back upstairs and as soon I switched from Mobile Data to my WiFi it just showed the whole way I walked and let me grab the loot from the Stop. Erm…. weird?
It went directly to normal at my appartment right after so I didn’t care much.
I stopped playing after hatching my first egg (a Caterpie) and reaching level 4 that day.

Meanwhile I ran out on balls…. desaster. I spent some money on coins and bought 300 balls and an later this week an incubator to walk off 3 eggs instead of 2.

Day 2: The next day I continued and hit Level 5…by catching an Eevee CP 111, weight 6.66kg – no kidding! (BTW yes I know about the trick about renaming Eevees to their original trainer’s names to get the actual element versions 😀 for those who don’t: Sparky, Rainer, Pyro)

I knew that I could join a team now. But for that I would need a gym. How to find one if you don’t know which direction to go?
Well I knew there’s one at the church about 700 meters away from home but right when I thought I might go there for registering with my team – my GPS jumped and I was standing right in front of one which was about 1KM away to the east (while the church is to the north) *lol*
So I registered and am a member of Team Instinct since then ❤ Why? Well…. As far as I know Blue and Red are bashing each other while Yellow are kind of doing their own thing… and well… I liked the leader more.
I hatched my 2nd egg – a 5KM which I got from the PokéStop in front of the building: a male Nidoran.
I used an Incense as my GPS location was jumping a bit anyways but after using it it somehow stayed where I am located *lol* I still caught a fair amount of monsters while it was active.
I made it to Level 6 and went to bed as Monday is a work day and I certainly needed some sleep 🙂
I swear: I didn’t move the whole weekend out of my apartment except for once – and I hatched 2 eggs mysteriously walking 7km the whole weekend due to failure of GPS signals… first one was a 2KM: a Caterpie and second was a 5KM egg which was a male Nidoran.

14089473_1131501960230765_1889021622_nI caught 20 different species (and kept only the strongest in my inventory) that weekend without leaving my apartment. Of course the jumping GPS signal killed me as I lost it quite often but as I worked on a wedding present for friends I couldn’t go outside and move around but instead worked on the present while watching movies and catching some monsters.

Day 3: As I walked to the train station on Monday I figured that there are a gym and a stop right next to it so I decided to check both out. The gym was Valor’s property with some high-ranked Pokémon I couldn’t dream of beating them with Level 8 and some low Pokés 😀 so I left for work… and found out: there’s a PokéStop right in front of the office building. Regrettably I am on the other side of the building, meaning I couldn’t reach it. But I soon figured that if I go to the toilet I can reach the Stop…. yay!
Someone activated a lure module and I was able to get a Clefaire 🙂
I also hatched my first 10KM egg: an Eevee *surprise*
When getting to my train station the gym was taken by Mystic – they put some weak Rattatas in, so I beat them 4 times before taking the bus home 😀
Later that day someone activated a lure module at the PokéStop in front of my house and I was able to see and catch a Squirtle. Yay! (Though the Meowth fled -_- I hate cats)

Day 4: Tuesday I had some tough luck… some Pokémon escaped and I saw lot of dark shadows lurking around at work that didn’t get close to my position at lunch break, so I couldn’t try to catch them.

Shortly before leaving work I caught a Hypno at the toilet *_* and not even 5 minutes later I caught a Jynx on my way to the station.

As the gym at my train station was now taken by Instinct, I leveled it up and placed my Hypno in there before claiming my defender reward (500 Stardust + 10 Pokécoins)*lol*14081053_1131493433564951_633717942_n

(I was actually too excited to press the right button so you see the volume thing in the screen instead of the Gym name etc – I play muted, it only vibrates – the sound is pretty much annoying at some point)

Getting PokéBalls was now less of a problem due to the PokéStops on my way to/from work 😀 I finished the day at Level 12.

Day 5: Hypno was back in my inventory from its experience at the gym which was taken by Valor yet again.

I saw some shadows lurking around close to work without catching any. I didn’t spent my lunch break close to the PokéStop as I went to a nice sunny spot with a colleague (sadly no monsters there at the time we had food).

A Cubone hatched from a 5KM egg.

I finished the day reaching Level 13 while saving up my Pidgeys, Rattatas and Spearows instead of throwing them away as usual.

Day 6: For the first time since I started playing I decided to use a lure module and a lucky egg for lunch break. So I sat down at the café in our entrance area of the building, activated both and waited while evolving my stocked-up Pidgeys, Spearows and Rattatas. I made 2 level to Level 15.
Later I went to Haarlem city centre as I was in need of depositing some money to my bank account and ask some questions at two stores…
Haarlem is a freaking PokéStop city….
The beginning of the main shopping street is where I am standing/walking – anything behind that is in the centre of the city /mall.@_@ My inventory was full after I pushed some of these. I threw away all of my Potions (as I had already Super Potions, so no problem) so I could store some more balls 🙂
I finished the day with Level 15 and a freshly hatched Bulbasaur – now I got all 3 first starters together yay!


Day 7: Today was a fun day!


First I caught my 3rd or 4th Pinsir while passing the park behind my appartment block – and a high one (at least for my level),






then the gym was taken by my team again, so I put it there directly (as an open seat was available for anyone of the same team) and beat the crap out of it to gain EXP for the gym.
14055595_1131493366898291_1531428922_n  14081261_1131502010230760_866076150_n








I had some time to do so as my train was late…. Someone had some time as well and wanted to take the gym (and fought against the monsters in it while I tried to level it up) so when I jumped into the train, it didn’t take long to lose the gym – but I had the defender bonus already (and some EXP), so no pain.

Later that day I leveled and evolved several Pidgeys and my Drowzee – it got to be a very neat Hypno (so I could throw away the 600-something-toilet-Hypno one I was using up to now).
My 2nd 10KM egg turned out to be a (weak) Snorlax. I also caught an Eevee at the train station waiting for the bus (as it started to rain) and I am seeing a shadow of a Dratini again, wishing it would find the way into my range as I see this shadow since Saturday -_- It’s one of my favorite monsters so I really really really wish it would be mine soon but so far it just mocks me…

But meanwhile I finally caught a Seel (saw that shadow since Saturday as well and it followed me even to work *lol*) – in a weird spot when my GPS was jumping again earlier – at the park behind my building…. water Pokémon in a park? Riiiiiiight. But well. I caught it and named it after a friend of mine who really loves Seals ❤ she’s aware of it as I posted it to her via Facebook right after I took a screen of the name change.


Here’s a list of Pokémon I caught (or hatched or evolved) so far – by numbers on first picture and by combat power on second.








P.S. That Pidgey-Rattata-Plague is now a Pidgey-Rattata-Nightmare… as some of these moronic things just run away as soon as I threw one ball and missed (or they pushed it away) or they break the ball and flee ~___~ None of the other Pokémon are doing this as frequently as those noobish things are doing that… I can hardly catch a CP 67 Pidgey without failing once anymore. *lol* (Okay, I am using Razz Berries and Great Balls, but only if they are above CP 200)

So that’s it for my first few days. Tomorrow I’m heading to the city centre again. If it doesn’t rain (much) I might walk around to catch some loot and monsters *crossing fingers* Besides that I am Level 16 now – let’s see what level I’ll reach this weekend.

Wiko Lenny 3

That’s my new phone. Why I chose it?
Well it has Android 6, possible to play Pkeomon Go (at least that’s what people say online and I certainly will try it out) and it is cheap (99 EUR)!
The phone itself is available in different colors:
Space Grey, Bleen (that’s basically Turquoise), Gold, Lime, Cinnabar (Red), Rose Gold
I chose to buy Bleen – no difference in price for different colors as it seems to be standard for other brands. So why go for Grey when I can have something awesome?!
I bought also a cover hull for it – nothing fancy. Just some butterflies.


So here’s a first experience ….
First unpacking it is fairly easy. The package has different parts where everything is located. Rather organized and no bullshit packaging as I experienced with previous phones.

So after pulling the phone, battery and cables out of the box I tried to open the back to put in the battery, SIM and SD card …. that is actually the hard part. Despite the manual saying to open it with the fingernails on its back it is rather…. opening it with help of fingernails on the side – you can watch this on several videos on Youtube, I needed help from there as well. Here are two helpful links how to do that
1st Video (unboxing Lenny 3)
2nd Video (how to open back side)
I found 2nd one better than the first one but that might be different for other people (plus: 2nd is German but it is kind of obvious what she’s doing: get fingernails between black and colored side of phone and slide it around – mine actually was possible to open when I was done with 2 sides! Long nails do help here)
After opening the phone the rest is rather easy. It has 2 SIM slots, so yay for holidays.
Putting it together is really easy – despite the trouble I had with opening it 😀

Charging the phone doesn’t take much time – battery was already at 80% when I started charging. That might be different for others.
A red light shows that it is charging – it changes to green when the battery is full.

The power button is the smaller one on the right side of the phone. The large one is for volume up/down. Of course usually you would press the larger button for on/off as other phones use this but it’s the other way around here.

It takes some time to start (1-2 minutes) and asks for your lock code if your SIM is usually locked.
Then it asks for your language and Wifi connection (you can skip this).
After checking the connection it updates the software and asks if you want to copy your settings from another device – appearantly that one needs to be online or something. It couldn’t find mine – nevermind.
It then asks for your google account and gets all related information from there…if you agree.
After that you can setup payment information or not …
It says “Just a sec” after this – it takes a long sec 😀 and asks for an additional personal or exchange email address which you can setup later too (I don’t do that. I load my Outlook through an app anyways)
Now you can choose a PIN or other method to secure the phone…
And restore settings and apps from previous devices – that’s actually really helpful.

Now it finally shows you the main screen …with a welcome message.
And now the exploring starts as the menu differs a bit from other phones I know – especially as my previous one was a cute Samsung S4 Mini. It will take some time to get used to this one 🙂

Just My Luck…

This August doesn’t seem to be a nice month for me at all…

As written in this post, I have no clue what will happen with this delivery. But there are also a few other things I’d like to share.

  • Two weeks ago my laptop surprised me with not being able to connect to the network. As this might happen once or twice a year I wasn’t really concerned and restarted the modem. Laptop still couldn’t connect to the internet so I checked it and….. “can’t find network hardware” ….. wait, did it forget since last night where the network hardware is? Well, I tried to figure that out until I gave up 10 minutes later, shut the laptop down and checked mails and such on the phone while playing on PS4 and watching anime on my work laptop. Well, I had some options and no time on a Thursday to figure out what’s going on. Of course there’s no warranty on it anymore. Hooray.
    Friday I got out my old laptop which I updated for hours before I found out why I actually exchanged it for the current one – that noise is hilarious. But it does what I ask of it so I found my solution without bringing the newer one to repairs yet as I already saw myself confronted with buying a new card or an external stick or a complete new laptop. Eurgh.
    Then friends offered me to check out their old laptop which they would give me for free when visiting them end of August. So please please old laptop hang in there for another two weeks :/
  • Three weeks ago I had an issue with DHL. They wanted to handover a package on a Saturday between 9AM and 1PM. I was at home and waited. No one rang the bell. At 3PM I went downstairs to check the letterbox – nothing. At 7PM I repeated that and *tada* a letter telling me that they couldn’t find me at home and I can pick the package up at a parcel station…… I contacted Customer Support via mail and got a reply: We’re so sorry that happened but we had issues in our distribution center so we were not on time. As far as we understand you got a letter in your box stating where your package is, so please pick it up there.
    Wait what? Where’s the apology that the driver didn’t actually CARE to ring my bell?!  No, nothing.
  • Refurbishing neighbors managed to cause a water damage in my apartment end of May. They are still refurbishing – and last week also on different pipes in the kitchen and living room area. Don’t they ever learn?! I also complained to house tech about the noise they do at any given time (like Sunday 11PM!) but as I don’t know WHO is refurbishing all the time they can’t do anything (really, lazy bums!) – not even put up an official sign when refurbishing is allowed…. So I turned to weird measures like: Screaming into the ventilation system when they go past the officially allowed hours. Did that twice, suddenly they keep it to a minimum. Wow. But is there a thing like refurbishment addiction? I think they suffer from that.
  • My health insurance sent me a bill (217,xx EUR) to be paid on 19th of August about something I didn’t understand. Due to insurance system I need to pay certain things but this thing didn’t make sense. A CS member tried to explain to me that they can not figure out why this charge was made but it was declared by the pharmacy when I picked up medication and the insurance paid the pharmacy and as I don’t have an additional insurance they ask me to pay them. That’s the short version.
    They also advised me to go to the pharmacy to explain the charge as they wouldn’t know. (So what do they actually know except they want my money?)
    I then went to the pharmacy and was in discussion there for 30 minutes until I found out: that charge is related to my medication I received and as it is somewhat special they ask the insurance to pay a certain amount (which differs by month) – regardless of amount I receive – that is regulated by a contract between pharmacy and insurance. If I don’t have an additional insurance with the insurance company it gets forwarded to me to pay. Wow. And that I couldn’t be told by the insurance. So much for paying a lot of money for nothing. Literally. I’ll change the insurance end of this year so the performance and payment amount might improve (well…regarding amount hopefully not).
  • So now yesterday the thing in this post happened and is still ongoing.
    And that happened because my cellphone decided to drop dead a few times on Wednesday with no reason. And closing apps with a black screen before restarting.
    Ewwww. Yes, thank you~ because a malfunctioning laptop isn’t enough yet. New one costs me 99 EUR and I don’t even know if I will keep it. That’s why I ordered it for yesterday, so I could return it today and order a new one to get by tomorrow – but to hell with plans. Who needs those.
  • Yesterday I also had a nice letter from the Douane (import tax)… they caught a package from Japan and can’t file it as there is no exemplary on the European market. Duh. So they asked me to fill in a sheet of paper so they can declare taxes and finally release the package. Bleh. It’s all about the money these days.
  • I also received a paper from DHL that they tried to deliver a package (ain’t I busy with those lately?) and I can fill out online when/how it will be delivered at a later time. I chose: Friday (today), time: 18 – 21 (it was also marked like this on the sheet of paper they threw in my letter box!). Send. Perfect.
    Today I receive a mail: delivery will take place 11 – 15. Erm. What exactly is WRONG with these morons?! Another mail to them. And I can hear already blablablablabla they will send as reply. I really hope that Amazon will go back to “normal” delivery services such as PostNL as DHL delivery dudes are lazy apes.


Why does all this crap needs to happen in such short time? I don’t understand this at all. What did I do to deserve this stupid madness? -_- (Reason can’t be that I am a person that totally likes grey clouds and rain and thunderstorm 😛 that would be just really plain BS)
It really pisses me off that all these things happen in such a short time now – especially those things that cost money. I’m saving up for my holiday so any extra amount I need to pay blasts a hole in my saving plan x_x
I will manage that and at least cellphone and insurance money are covered but anything else like this coming up and I’ll be in trouble. I really hope that bad luck streak is over soon  😦 and also that I can use that laptop of friends else I need to think about a long-term solution which might result in buying a new laptop as the current one also has other issues which would need to be fixed and those might exceed the price of a new model – especially as I don’t know what is actually wrong with it – except the network hardware…
(maybe I’ll just buy any new DVDs when I visit friends in Germany so I won’t need to depend on DHL anymore 😀 but I’m not going really often to Germany per year so bleh but I did buy Skylanders worth about 250 EUR when I was in Germany at friends’ in February *lol*)

Express Delivery Going Wrong

Like. Really wrong.
And the shop I ordered with actually doesn’t seem to care much either – at least some of the people working at Customer Service.

I ordered a new cellphone as my current one gives me a great deal of “pleasure” dealing with it – black screening for minutes and random restarts just being two things of that.
As I wanted to replace it ASAP I paid an extra of 1,99 EUR to get it via “Express Delivery” to a grocery shop which is not exactly close-by but as I had things to do in that area anyways…
The delivery was meant to be there after 5PM. It was sent at 1:17PM and status stated that delivery will take place between 3:15PM and 3:45PM.
I was at the shop at 5:10PM – no delivery. Status still stating the same. Hm. I got home and contacted the customer service (ik = me, A = CS member, name erased out of courtesy):

Goedemiddag! Waarmee kan ik je helpen?
17:36:52Ik: Hello, I have a complaint regarding an order I placed today
17:37:08Ik: Order number: xxxxxxx
17:38:41Ik: 11-08-2016 17:37 Shipment is on its way and will be delivered on 11-08-2016 between 15:15 and 15:45
I placed this order before 12PM. I ordered Express delivery so I can pick it up after 5PM.
How come it is STILL NOT at the AH?!
17:39:05A: I’m sorry to hear that you have a complaint about an order. Well you speak about it!

I’m looking for your order here. Do you have a moment?
17:39:16Ik: Sure
17:41:46A: Your order is on the way to the pick up point.
17:42:21Ik: Yes. But why do I order express when it statesd it can be picked up after 5PM and it’s still not there?!
17:42:49Ik: I chose that option for a reason. I went to the shop and they told me it’s not there yet. And probably even won’t be anymore
17:42:54Ik: that’s wasted 1,99 eur for me
17:43:16Ik: plus the travel money for the bus as I need to go there now twice
17:44:06A: It indicates that you can pick up the package after 5 pm and not at 5 pm. Once the package has arrived, you will receive a collection notice by mail.
17:45:02Ik: So basically…. if it won’t arrive today due to whatever reason the driver had for not dropping it at the estimated time which it says in the status I wasted money on something which is indeed an useless service?
17:45:17Ik: 11-08-2016 17:37 Shipment is on its way and will be delivered on 11-08-2016 between 15:15 and 15:45

17:49:03A: Sorry, but your order is still on his way. During ordering has already indicated that you can recieveit after 5 hours. This is also confirmed in the order confirmation you receive by email. It may be that your order was previously expected to deliver there earlier that why another time has been communicated , but the original time remains after 5 hours. As I just told you will receive an email when your package is delivered to the collection point. I want to also ask you to wait it out a bit.
17:50:56Ik: Great. So I will compalin again when those 5 hours are over. Don’t expect me to ever choose this option ever again as it’s bogus claiming it is there at 5PM when it’s not
17:51:56A: Ok, did you also had other questions?
17:52:20Ik: Nope thanks

What the hell? Seriously?! Well I waited. And meanwhile I checked the confirmations I received for this order as well as the website of the shop and NOWHERE is an information about anything regarding 5 hours. What the hell was she on?
It says on the website (can’t find it where I saw that last night but it said): “If you order before 12PM there is the option to let it deliver to a Kiala afhaalpunkt in the neighborhood and available from 5PM the same date.”
That is actually really clear to me? Why would I wait longer than it is stated on their own website?!

No mail for confirmation that package arrived at the store. No status change. In fact it still states to be arriving yesterday 15:15 – 15:45 – time travel?!

This morning I contacted Customer Service yet again (ik = me, B = CS member, name erased out of courtesy)

07:07:50B: Goedemorgen! Waarmee kan ik je helpen?
07:08:27Ik: Bestelnummer: xxxxxxxx
I was talking to a colleague of yours yesterday who told me to complain at a later point again as this express delivery is NOT delivered as express
07:08:53B: Let me check it for you
07:9:38B: Is it not delivered yet ?
07:10:05Ik: 12-08-2016 07:09 Zending is onderweg en zal geleverd worden op 11-08-2016 tussen 15:15 en 15:45

it is not. I didn’t receive a confimration either
07:10:57Ik: And I want the money back which I wasted on this option to receive it the same day. I was at the shop yesterday as well (spent 2,50 on bus drive) and they told me 17:10 that it wasn’t in the delivery and probably won’t arrive the same day anymore
07:11:01B: Did you asked with the Albert Heijn because there are faults in our mail system.
07:11:9Ik: thats why I already complained yesterday
07:11:19B: I understand
07:11:20Ik: Yes, they said they don’t have the package
07:11:52Ik: And I’m not going to drive back and forth every hour to check on it
07:12:22B: I can reinburst you ofcourse for the delivery cost by putting a gift certificate in your account for 5 euro’s.
07:13:02B: And i will ask a other department to investigate whast went wrong. As soon as we got a answer we let you know.
07:13:04Ik: That would be okay with me. But I’m concerned where this package is now
07:13:19B: Forgive my English but this is a dutch chat site
07:13:38Ik: No problem
07:14:22Ik: According to PostNL the package is still in the Sorteercentrum and never was on the way to AH
07:14:23B: But i will let it investigate and as soon as we know what happend to your parcel we send you a e-mail.
07:14:34Ik: https://jouw.postnl.nl/#!/track-en-trace/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
07:14:55B: i will let it investigate and as soon as we know what happend to your parcel we send you a e-mail.
07:15:00Ik: Okay
07:15:18Ik: I really hope I can pick this up today. It’s really inconvenient for me right now.
07:15:51B: I understand and my appoligies for that. As soon as we know more we come back to you.
07:15:56Ik: Thanks

Finally someone with a brain and understands the situation. Or that’s what I thought.
Because several hours later still no mail, no information, nothing.
(But why the hell didn’t anyone figure before to check the tracking number? The package is still in the general centrum ready to ship out…. no changes there since this morning.)

So yet again another attempt to talk to Customer Service (ik = me, C = CS member, name erased out of courtesy):

Goedemorgen! Wat kan ik voor je doen?
11:33:50Ik: Hi, sorry I only speak English.
Bestelnummer xxxxxxxxx

I had a talk with your colleague B earlier today regarding this order.
11:34:15Ik: She wanted to find out where the package is. But seriously I need this order to be available for pick-up or delivered to me TODAY
11:36:29C: I will check what she did and what I can do.
11:36:49Ik: Thanks
11:42:43C: First of all I’m putting a 4,99 giftcard in your account to compensate that it wasn’t delivered the same day. I understand that getting your order is your priority ofcourse. I am forwarding this to the department that has contact with Kiala. Unfortunately I can’t do this myself. I will mark it as urgent.
11:43:12Ik: So nothing was done yet? ……..
11:46:02C : I see that there is indeed no clarity yet if it will definately arrive at the pickup point today. I expect it will. Then ou will recieve an e-mail after 15:00 that you can pick it up.
11:46:33C: I forwarded it to the responsible department to ask if they can already confirm that it will definately be deliverd there today.
11:46:55Ik: Well it should – as it was an express delivery planned for yesterday which they fucked up
11:47:13C: Ofcourse you could Always place a second order right now, but I can understand if you don’t wnat tot do that.
11:48:04Ik: I will not pay additionally 99 Eur …. even if it’s a placeholder on my credit card. I’m not a cash cow for rotten service
11:48:33C: Do you have any further questions?
11:48:44Ik: And i certainly will NOT use the “express” again after the experience I had with this. It’s a mess
11:49:11Ik: No.I really hope this will be solved by today! Thanks!

So. I had some hope this morning. But nothing happened since then.

12-08-2016 12:18 Zending is onderweg en zal geleverd worden op 11-08-2016 tussen 15:15 en 15:45

Wow. Really. Wow. Just. Wow.
I’ll never use any express delivery again if they just can’t live up to their own expectations. And this shop possibly does not seem to be able to do so. And in that regard also has some issues with their own organization.

I really hope that will be solved today. Because right now I’m seriously pissed.