Pokemon GO – My Cellphone Says NO

Ah…. I kind of hate and love my cellphone for disabling me of playing the game 😀
My cell is a Samsung S4 Mini that persistently refuses to update any further than Android 4.2.2 🙂
As Pokemon GO requires Android 4.3 – well do the maths.

I wanted to try the game. I can’t. Love my phone from saving me to hang 24/7 on the smallest display I own and hate it at the same time as I wanted to try it out (although I would’ve dropped that anyways after latest a week as I usually do for these hyped things….nevermind).

Officially the game is out in the Netherlands for a few days now. But what I mostly hear is: “SERVERS ARE DOWN (AGAIN)!!!” 😀
So maybe it’s a good thing my phone doesn’t update – server fails would’ve speeded the process of me getting bored of the game. And my bill is glad as well as the data volume probably would’ve blown my granted volume/month. Haha.

Nonetheless…. some bad accidents happened since the release and I certainly hope that people will take care when playing.
Because: Nothing is more important than your own safety. Take care of it!


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