How Would You React…

…if something like this would be happening in your city?

The video went viral thanks to Facebook & Co.
Many people were shocked and sad (according to the comments) but does it change reality?

My opinion about this:
It is true. Worldwide we have lots and lots and lots of poor kids that get lost, abandoned, etc-and-worse and are helpless and looking for their families.
But it is also pretty common nowadays to make people “feel” they need to help such a kid and rob them in the very process.
In some parts of the EU we have laws and warnings for this kind of behavior so it’s most unlikely that a lost child will be helped upon noticing it. At least I wouldn’t notice if a kid is helplessly searching for its mom in my city – it’s just far too crowded to notice and attention needs to be on traffic else you’ll get hit by a car/bike or robbed.
But do we even WANT to see that someone needs help?
We always try to help those people who just lost their homes due to natural disasters somewhere far away but we blindfold our eyes when it comes to social disasters in our cities.
It’s sad.

But it’s also sad that a child was willingly put into this situation and ran off crying.
As much as this video shows the deep engraved prejudice of people – the situation when the kid ran off to its mom crying is a sad example of missing empathy even by the film makers.
It’s a test… yes, very much and the kid itself will always remember how people treated her. A scar no-one can ever erase.

I was never in the situation that I lost sight of my mom when I was a kid. I never needed help to find my way home. But still there is something that is related to this in my past: the scar I wear was caused by my former classmates in school who bullied me as I didn’t had the newest clothes but instead wore the hand-me-downs from my aunt.
They thought I’d be poor and not worth their time nor attention- this behavior was even enforced by certain teachers. My torture went on for roughly 10 years.
It could’ve break me but instead I learned to not judge people by appearances but actions. I don’t have contact to any of these people who caused and deepened my scar. I don’t go to school anniversaries and I don’t miss it because I don’t like wasting my time with people that play nice and talk behind others backs or just ignore them overall.
But not everyone can break free from their prejudice and they don’t want to.
I don’t judge that they can’t – what I judge is the behavior when they see a video like the one above and are “tearing up about that poor thing” and then they leave the computer, go outside and act exactly like the people in the video.


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