FFXIV: Old Rose Breed Guide

Since Patch 3.3 it is possible to grow roses in a private or FC house.

For planting roses you require:
* a house (or room in a FC house)
* a planting pot
* soil for planting
* rose seed
* color changing fertilizer / Fishmeal

Planting pots can be acquired at any Housing Merchant in the 3 living quarters (Mist, Goblet, Lavender Bed) – Lavender = Gridanian Pot, Goblet = Oasis Pot, Mist = Riviera Pot.
Any house can have any of these – it’s just style 🙂
A small house can have 2 pots, medium 3, large 4.

Soils for planting: G1/2/3 Thanalan/Shroud/Noscean Soil – can be obtained by Mining or Mining Retainers (since 3.0 als possible to get G3 Soils through retainers).

The old rose seeds can be bought at any Material Supplier in the 3 living quarters (Mist, Goblet, Lavender Bed) – not in houses!
If you buy the seeds it is recommended to already buy the fertilizer that is able to change the soil. There are 3 kinds for blue, yellow and red.

What to do now?
First you put the pots into the house.
After that you can use the soil and the seed to plant the rose. It is red by default.
Now your breeding can start – using the color fertilizers. Fishmeal will speed up the production. Without that, the rose will be done in 24h. With it, of course a bit sooner. But there is no rush, really.
Please note: ONE Fertilizer per hour. If you use a color change you can’t use Fishmeal within the next hour and vice versa.

My tries so far:
Yellow Rose: Yellow Fertilizer
Blue Rose: Blue Fertilizer / Blue + Blue + Yellow Fertilizer (I messed this up as I wanted to put in one red and misclicked for a blue)
Orange Rose: Yellow + Red Fertilizer
Green Rose: Blue + Yellow Fertilizer
Purple Rose: Blue + Red Fertilizer
Rainbow Rose: Blue + Red + Yellow Fertilizer / Blue + Red + Yellow + Red Fertilizer (red unusual)
White Rose: Blue + Red + Yellow + Red + Yellow Fertilizer (orange unusual)
Black Rose: Blue + Red + Yellow + Red + Blue Fertilizer (Purple unusual) / Blue + Red + Yellow + Yellow + Blue Fertilizer (green unusual)

G3 Shroud Soil is giving a chance to receive 2 instead of 1 rose.

I am using my own small house + small FC house to breed 4 roses/day (since 2 days ago – before that I used one pot for that in my house only, the other being used for Voiddrake and Althyk Lavender). I bought an FC room to get 2 additional pots. (I got plans with all those flowers but won’t reveal what I will use them for yet 🙂 )
My twink’s medium FC house has 3 pots and grows Voiddrake and Althyk at the moment.
Right now that’s 9 soils/day excluding my other gardening projects (growing cross breeds @private house and shard seeds @ fc house).
It really helps to have at least 1 Mining Retainer to get the G3 soils – I am leveling a 2nd retainer right now to help with that 🙂


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