Review: AnimeCon – Saturday

Saturday, 11th of June, I was at the AnimeCon in Den Haag, Netherlands.
It was a really nice Dutch day – it rained 😀

I was meant to meet 2 friends – 1 at Leiden Centraal, 1 at the convention site. But as one got sick, we only were 2 to look around the convention.
I woke up with my alarm at 7AM, looked out of the window and was happy it rained. Haha. Yes, finally not an uber-hot and sunny sky or humid air – it was a refreshing breeze – with a bit of rain.
I got up, ate and packed up the last few things I would need for the day (drink and cellphone).
At 8:30AM I went to the train station just to discover that a person jumped on the tracks (yet again – it happens really often to be honest). First of all the train from Haarlem to Leiden was still meant to go but 5 minutes later it was cancelled as well.
So I went downstairs again to check where the bus would go – 15 minutes later I sat in the bus and snailed my way to Leiden Centraal.

I met my friend at the station and we took the train to Den Haag Centraal and went outside to get the tram to the World Forum.
The check-in at the World Forum went really smoothly – I was really surprised it really went fast 🙂 After we got through the check-in we left our bags in the Bag Room (also really quick queue) and checked out some rooms.

First we went into the Games Room where we checked out which games are available – it was really quiet there as it was around 11AM.
We saw that they had a VR headset and my friend wanted to try it out 😀 so we got in line to wait for his turn to shoot the horde with bow and arrow.
While he tried to save his castle, I talked to the guy who was responsible for the equipment and explanations. He informed me that the headset, controllers and observing cameras (that need to be installed in the room you play in) cost ~900 EUR. Phew. Expensive.

After my friend lost *gg* we moved on to the Dealers Room. I was a bit surprised that the products were mostly the same – and mostly scale figures and such – I missed the huge choice of Gashapons and Keychains and such but well, that goes with whatever people ask for so it’s okay, I’ll survive and there’s another convention I will visit this year where I can expect a different variety of products.
I was looking for some friends of mine but couldn’t find them, so after a round of exploring what the dealers have in stock and some talks to German merchants, I asked the staff at their stall and got the information they would be in the Food Corner. Woop.
But before going there, we let our names draw in Japanese – surrounded by nice pictures – the guy doing this is Japanese and was really happy that I talked with him in Japanese (and amazed how well I speak Japanese – I was amazed myself haha) .
My friend bought colored eye-lenses and I bought some fandom stuff for myself – a lottery item (only available in Japan) for the 20th Tales of-Anniversary *weeeee*
I wanted to buy a little cute bunny plush as well but as we strolled around the room again I thought I might do it later (or never).

So now we moved upstairs and found my friends at their food stall. We queued up – as we were also hungry and wanted to grab some nice Japanese food – and I could finally give them a little present (German tea and peer-chocolate-cake in muffin form). We ordered Takoyaki and Yakitori – it was delicious~ ❤


We sat down while eating – this is also a first for me – I never sat down while eating at AnimeCon as it was always busy and not enough seating available.
We got in line for Taiyaki and placed our order which we needed to wait for ~20 minutes but meanwhile we bought Bubble Tea and I spoke to the owners of the stall (also friends of mine). My choice of flavor was Mango – Passion fruit.


I really love my Taiyaki with Anko~ nomnom.


After we finished up I really wanted to buy that bunny I saw earlier… but it wasn’t there anymore. The guys at the stall searched for a similar bunny but couldn’t find any – so I bought a Mew (Pokémon) instead 😀


We decided to leave after that as neither of us wanted to check out the stage program and we were tired after walking around for ~5 hours while having fun talking and exploring things (yep, it still took some time even when we didn’t do “much”).

After leaving the convention we went to shop for groceries, made dinner and finished the day with watching movies 🙂

I guess I’m getting too old for conventions – or need to get used to not wearing a costume as I usually stay longer when I wear a costume (due to talking to lots of people, taking photos in different areas, fixing up parts of cosplay, etc) – but it’s fine with me to be honest. I don’t really miss it. I still need to get used to “being normal” at a convention and maybe I will wear a costume in the future again but right now I really enjoy not doing so 😛


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