Convention Checklist

It’s this time of the year again when convention follows after convention and I struggle with writing the same list over and over again 😀 which takes time and is annoying if you forget something.
So I thought I put it down on my blog – then I can just print it or mentally make my checks on each point and be done with it forever (hopefully) 🙂

Checklist (no stay at accommodation):

  • Find appropriate backpack
  • Charge Camera battery
  • Charge cellphone battery
  • Print Ticket(s)
  • Cash
  • Snacks and Drinks
  • Choose clothes and shoes to wear
  • Insurance Card
  • ID Card
  • Camera + Cellphone
  • Tissues
  • Keys


Checklist (stay at accommodation):

  • Find appropriate backpack or suitcase (based on length of stay)
  • Charge Camera battery
  • Charge cellphone battery
  • Print Ticket(s) and check travel connections
  • Cash
  • Snacks and Drinks
  • Choose clothes and shoes to wear upon travel and stay & pack clothes
  • Choose & pack night wear
  • Clean bag for dirty clothes
  • Hairbrush & Daily Care Pack (this is a ready-to-go item including my Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste and other things I use on a daily base)
  • Insurance Card
  • ID Card
  • Debit Card / Credit Card
  • Camera + Cellphone including charger cables (and convertible charger tools if needed)
  • USB stick, Laptop & cables
  • Tissues
  • Keys


Additional / Tips:
– Get a special bag only for your daily care items you’re going to use only when travelling. It saves a lot of time and nerves to not being in need to pack those things – and usually these are the things you forget about in the first place.
Mine has the following constant inventory: Tooth brush and tooth paste, Deodorant, Hair ties, Make-up and moisturizer, Plasters, Nail file and Tampons.
I take this bag everywhere when travelling – conventions, holidays, stay-overs.
– It helps to have another specific bag for worn clothes. First is regarding possible sweat smell (you seriously don’t want to have that sitting in your suitcase forever), second being: You don’t need to pack up as nicely as you would do usually. Everything in bag (more or less neatly depending on clothes), sit on it, put it into suitcase, close it, done.
It also helps to use additional bags you received after buying merchandise to put in new items – makes it easier to unpack if you can just pull out 2-3 bags at home and be done with unpacking from your trip 🙂
– I use a different purse when going to conventions or travels, therefore I switch over my ID card, insurance card, debit and credit cards (if needed) as well as PART of the cash to another purse that has only these items in it. This is to minimize damage if it gets lost or stolen.
– I never put the whole amount of cash in my purse but try to have small amounts in my purse, trouser pocket, camera bag, etc therefore if I lose or someone steals my bag or backpack they will not have the full amount of my money available.
– If you are at a convention for several days and you got a huge amount of money with you: leave it at the hotel room (in the safe or whatever) and only take small amounts to the convention.
– Do a calculation! I usually calculate money based on convention days.
As I went to looooooooooooots of conventions in the past I have a certain fixed amount/day I use for some years by now = 50 EUR/convention day.
IF I see something I really want to buy on my first day I usually wait until the 2nd or last day to buy it (if it’s still available) – usually dealers agree to bargains on last days of conventions to minimize their weight of packing to bring back home 😉
– Always take food and drinks with you. It is way cheaper then buying them at a convention.
– Tissues are handy in case the toilet paper at the toilets ran out or the toilets look disgusting or if you were too stupid to open your drink without spreading its contents over yourself.
– Wear light clothes and shoes. You will walk alot. You will sweat alot. Take this into consideration and don’t choose your newest high heels.


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