Water And Damages


If you got bad luck with things it will come double… or triple :/

In November 2014 I had issues with my toilet as it doesn’t let water flush – instead it stored it and slowly let it flow off. It also let water run through the storage thing the whole time – day and night – unless I closed the water valve.
After panicking and asking my landlady what to do the plumber came and checked it. He found out that I didn’t do wrong and there was a problem with that very same valve I turned off each time after using the toilet to stop the water from filling the storage (while it was already full).
I found it weird that it actually was responsible for the drainage of the toilet but well I am no expert. The valve was exchanged and problem solved.

End of Summer 2015, I found out my washing machine pushed water through the pipes up into my kitchen’s sink and onto the kitchen floor through the open dishwasher opening… and I flooded my bathroom while taking a shower. The drainage was blocked and the water spread from the shower to my bathroom (giving it a good clean) – luckily there wasn’t enough water running through to go further to the heating and water supply pipes or my hallway (as it would have caused water damage on the apartment below mine). Panic!
The plumber found a flock of hair and some stuff from another apartment above that blocked the pipes. I paid for this as I couldn’t prove that the waste came from a neighbor above while the hair definitely was mine.

After my holiday this month at home I returned just to smell something weird. I couldn’t make out where it came from and thought it would come from bad air in the apartment as no window was open for nearly a week. I still smelled it the next few days but as my neighbors are doing construction works above and below I thought it would come from that.
Last Wednesday I coincidentally discovered dark spots on my wall in my hallway – the wall being soaked wet. Something was leaking from above. After informing my landlady, the house administration and house tech, the administration was really fast in dropping by 30 minutes after I sent the email and taking pictures of the visible damage in the hallway (as the one in the bathroom couldn’t be seen due to turquoise paint and tiles).
The following day house tech and electrician showed up and finding out that the heating pipe was damaged above my apartment (possibly by construction works above) and therefore leaking fluids. The leak was stopped by turning off the main valve for heating and the wall dries. But now it starts to smell badly as the wallpaper was soaked in the fluids for days… and I can’t use the light switches nor the affected plug socket in the hallway.
Who is at fault? Don’t know yet. Who will cover repairs? Certainly not me or landlady. I will know more about this the following days or weeks as I first need to find out if the smell will disappear when the wallpaper is completely dried or if I need to rip it off and check if it actually comes from the wall itself.
But so far it is not really nice to have a bad smell throughout the hallway and depending on wind that runs through the apartment in the living room. I decided to close the living room door for now so at least my pet snake Kiba doesn’t get the full extent of that shit… and I hope for a quick solution of that whole thing. Tech said he will take care of that now and I shouldn’t worry, but I am living there now and that smell could be anything from “just” heat fluid (which itself is bad enough) to spores.

In general it kinda feels weird to have an apartment that seems to have issues with water every year :/ Or it is just my well-known bad luck.


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