Deep Sighs Are Not Allowed

I’m kind of sick of it 🙂
Everyone around me and also myself are sighing a lot lately (or I just pay more attention to it).

I can’t speak for anyone else but in my case it is because of emotional stress that my brain can’t deal with anymore. So my body tries to get rid of all the bad feelings.

BUT maybe you figured that sighing or hearing a sigh (and by that note: a yawn) isn’t really nice – it might be my opinion but actually I think that sighing can force a decision that shouldn’t have been made or should have thought about carefully.
I tried to avoid sighing for a few days – even tho it was really tempting as I have a lot on my plate right now and try to figure a way to solve things (although they might be solved on their own with just a bit of time which I honestly don’t have but you may see my point?) – it actually worked.
I got the feeling that I have less negative thoughts and that’s good 🙂

On the other side I manage to find out that I also sigh when I stretch my body after sitting at my desk too long *lol* guess my brain isn’t really used to not sighing at all, yet.

I’ll do my best. To avoid ending up in a depression and others thinking about me as a nut job that only sighs to make them feel bad – because that’s the feeling I get when people sigh in my company. I want to be an example and sighing is like coughing, scratching nose and yawning one of the things that will be imitaded by others when watching.

And after I got some control over that, I’ll try to yawn less 😀 Because that annoys me too (although it’s mostly because our airco sucks and it’s either too warm or cold here)


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