Turkey VS Germany

Hell what a dumb topic to even need a comment about….


First Turkey’s Erdogan goes to war with weapons which were not meant to be used in wars (bought from Germany) and Germany is like: “Oh, we didn’t know….” (right?! And what are contracts for anyways? Yes, to break the rules. Obvious.)
Then he throws journalists into jail or kicks them out of the country because they are reporting not in the way he wants them too…
And the newest incident: He asks to put a certain show master called Jan Böhmermann to trial for calling him pedophile, homosexual and a goat fucker in a satire show.

So Erdogan…. some weeks ago he told the EU AND the rest of the world to go fuck themselves and leave him and his political issues the hell alone.
Meanwhile he takes money from the EU so he ensures to keep the refugees in Turkey and not ship them to Greece and now he asks to convict someone who has the right to say whatever he pleases in a democratically minded country.

Seriously. Why does Germany and the rest of the EU takes this crap?!
Since when has a country’s leader the authority to tell another to prosecute a certain individual because he feels offended. I NEVER heard Obama or anyone else complain about what some dude in a satire show said about them. So why Erdogan? No brain, much ego – I’d say.
On that note…. Mrs. Merkel: Please stop this trial against the satire as anything else would be a slap into the face of democracy and German laws if some other country’s leader can just expect a trial to take place because he wants to enforce his ridiculous ideology in another country.

I was looking for holiday opportunities and Turkey was on the list.
This was off the list already after the first mentioned news went public and not going there anytime in the next 25 years – at least. Losing one tourist may not hurt, but as far as I know some others who went to Turkey every year will not do so this and the following years. Might hurt more to lose some money of the freaking stupid Germans who guarantee jobs in some areas of Turkey?



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