eBay Global Shipping Program #3

I hope there is soon an end to this story and its chapters.

After getting the knowledge via 2 mails that I will be entitled for a full refund of the costs of the item and shipping, I received the refund via Paypal this weekend.
When I went to check on PayPal yesterday I found out I was refunded for an amount that doesn’t add up at all.
I tried to reply to the case but as it was already closed I could not reply.
So I tried to find a way to get in touch via mail – not possible. So I was meant to call customer service in Germany.

Thank god, eBay uses landline numbers so that I could call them up using my Skype account (calling for free to EU landline numbers – maybe also worldwide, can’t really recall which contract I assigned with).
So I called the German number, punched in the numbers given to me by the eBay website regarding the article and waited not even 20 seconds until someone picked up! Hilarious. So fast!

The really nice guy listened to the story and then asked me to wait shortly as he would need to confirm with someone more experiences what he can do – as of course, I was calling Customer Service and not the related escalation team… he got back to me after 2 minutes and explained he will forward this to the team that handled the case for reviewing it and it might take up to 7 days until I hear back.

Reason for missing amount of money: 2 mails to me stating eBay decided in my favor. System note states they decided in favor of seller.
Why? No clue. Neither I nor the guy on the phone understand as there is clear proof that I didn’t do anything wrong and the team decided to refund me for the full amount and not some amount in the middle. Weird.

Anyhow. I had a really relaxed nice talk (well I was upset of course but neither of us got loud or into bad talk or such) with the guy from eBay CS, thanks Sven 🙂

But yay, this asks for a #4 soon to be posted 😀


\\EDIT: Resolved. Got the money back.


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