eBay Global Shipping Program #2

So in regards to this post, I finally have an update.

Although I find this really rude towards me and the seller….
eBay will refund me for the price of the item plus shipment
and blames the seller for not providing a tracking number to them in the given time (really? The tracking number was inside the item’s information when I created the ticket…. hello brainless monkeys?).

I think eBay doesn’t really much care about the sellers or buyers when they don’t want to recognize that their GSP creates huge problems for both sides on a regular scale – you just need to google and find pages and pages and pages in different forums – even on eBay itself – but as it seems to be easier to just dump the responsibility no one gives a damn.
So. I’m stuck with a research for my wanted item…yet again… and I feel very sorry for the seller too. As it wasn’t their fault for trusting eBay. Neither was it mine, but I will check with sellers from now on if they send with GSP nd pray they don’t.



2 thoughts on “eBay Global Shipping Program #2

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