eBay Global Shipping Program

Did anyone had problems with that one yet?

I did now. And I am completely mad at eBay as they treat the seller like a dick – and the seller is the one who did everything right after my payment.
But first things first…

I never had any trouble with packages being sent from US or Japan through eBay – they might end up in customs and I would pay some money but well~ that happens.
So now I tried to get some Skylanders missing for my collection and cheapest options were neither Germany nor Netherlands but UK, US and France.

So I ordered several Skylanders.
France went through normal postal way without tracking. Arrived at my place 5 days after shipment.
UK sent items with tracking and arrived 6 days after shipment.
Another UK seller used the GPS of eBay and I was confused about this as the tracking showed 3 different locations in UK before being sent to the Netherlands where I am located – it also took a long while considering the other item that arrived in 6 days: this one took 2 weeks! Still on schedule buuuuuuuuuuut it was nerve wracking.
Final shipment from US was sent on 16th of February, it was sent to eBay GPS Erlanger, KY – arrived there, was shipped to London Heathrow and customs were cleared but it is now stuck “in-transit with destination carrier” since 24th of February. Today is the 9th of March, delivery should have taken place between 27th of Feb – 7th of March.

I opened a case for delivery date not met with the following text (and option that I want the article):
“Dear seller, I bought the item xxxx hat but apparently the Global delivery service of eBay simply sucks as the item seems to be stuck for +2 weeks in London by now and I honestly do not know why as customs is cleared and it should be delivered by now – but it never left London since 24th of February. I googled this and found out that parcels sent by eBay from US mysteriously disappear in London Heathrow – sadly on a large scale. I think my package is one of those – confirmed by the lack of status, information or deliverance – or any decent trackable ID. I don’t see any mistake at your sight – I will not give a bad feedback or such as I do see the fault solely at eBay delivery.”

eBay first replied that the case is opened and if seller does not reply until 18th they will refund, then they replied in German on my English text and ultimately put the case on hold until 11th of March.
Eurf. The first and third messages were automated replies. The second however was a man-written reply to a circumstance that does not reflect the situation as eBay blames the seller and wants a confirmation of the tracking number from the seller. Which the status of the item has as it was sent trackable with USPS to Erlanger, KY. But the seller does not has any responsibility from there to my address as GSP takes over from there and eBay seems to neglect any responsibility for this incident.
So I wrote them again that I NEVER blamed the seller but wanted to bring that to their attention as the GSP eBay uses is faulty else dozens of packages wouldn’t get lost at London Heathrow – there is proof of this in several forums at different times and I wonder why eBay is still using this method as they are refunding a lot of people for this (and might get the money from the sellers although they are not entitled to do so as the sellers did nothing wrong except trusting in eBay services).
Of course I know that custom clearage may take a while BUT customs is cleared. The package should have been on the way to the Netherlands since 24th of February, but is stuck in Heathrow for some reason neither I nor the seller would know about.
I will see when and how this is resolved -_- obviously not in my favor as eBay will simply refund instead of trying to find out where the item is and why it is stuck in-transit.


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