If there was a way to put life on Pause I would do so.
If there was a Power off button I would use it.

Horrible things happened the last few days, weeks, months… and I am not quite sure if people do intend to keep on rolling with these terrible decisions they are about to make.

I am talking about several things….

  1. Donald Trump. Where did he come from? Why are people whoo-ing for such a predigested idiot who thinks he can do whatever he wants to just because he got the moneyz for it? Seriously.
    Reminds me of that “brown” past of German history where a maniac declared all disabled people and critics as enemies of the human race – rings a bell? Well, obviously not for the people voting for such an – pardon my language here I couldn’t find a better word in my mind – arse.
    Why is he not sponsored as other candidates? Well…. most likely because he wants to spend his own money in an useful way (hello, tax authorities?!) and maybe some companies who would sponsor him got pissed off of his speeches and ran away? Maybe they got some brains left to do so. I don’t know.
    This man has no respect at all and should not be in charge of anything – let alone the USA or any choice about where to throw off nuclear weapons. He’s a disaster and belongs dressed in a white jacket – with a muzzle.
  2. Refugee situation in Germany. Well, at least we kind of know where they come from. Kinda, mostly (economical refugees <-> war refugees). Some threw their passes away on purpose so no one would find out where they really came from. But hey. Also: Politicians and economics expected soooooooo many people that could fill the holes in the German work positions in the country (because we raise such glorious lazy bastards who don’t want to lift a finger and think mommy and poppy can work for them their whole life and life is way easier getting Hartz4 – a social funding to ensure survival – instead of searching for a decent internship or work) but SURPRISE ~90+% of the people coming into the EU and specifically Germany do not even know how to read or spell in their own language – let alone another language. Hooray? And that was so surprising? First they come in masses as they got promised so many things – both on legal and illegal ways -, then they come and expect Germans to be happy about them – which of course went a different course, especially since the events on New Year’s (which will be related to my 3rd point here) – and “suddenly” it’s another surprise the refugees might not be integrated as soon as some people hoped for or don’t even want to, because they don’t understand that there are so many things differently in the EU. Ey!
    Why did no one think about that there might be some effort needed to teach people the language? Germans usually do not know a word in English (and that’s sad enough!)- and if so with a terrible accent that even rolls my nails backwards (I say that as a fellow German). And then we got these “nice” examples:
    – Refugees can not apply for work for several months by law. That might change in the future but not necessarily soon – and will cause more than one ruckus. And even then: Germans and EU citizens will have an advantage – at least it should be that way legally. But still there will be another ruckus about this as some refugee might be better suited for a certain job than a German or other EU citizen might be (I see that discussion going into the direction of: they are cheaper. Wait, didn’t that happen already when the borders to Poland were loosened up?)
    – German companies do offer internships to help refugee youngsters to get a step into the work environment but what happened in several occasions : they are interested, they come for a few days and start to skip as they are not “used to work for 8 hours”. Instead they want to study the language, go to university and get an easy bank job. Or just make real quick money. As it would be so easy… riiiiiiiiiiiiight.
    No one knew before they ran away from their country to a foreign country that there might be a different work situation than back home? No one knew it might be good to study a few words to be able to actually communicate with German people?
    It doesn’t really surprise me that people get disappointed and sad about the current situation – on both sides.
    I see the Germans: fearing that some random people try to rip away their culture, standards, homes and
    I see the refugees: fearing that they will be pursued again.
    But both sides can be victims and offenders. There is no black or white to that. If you push an animal too much, it will bite you. The same might happen for this situation. There is no good way to handle this. It makes me sad.
    Even more so, as the EU is trying to solve a problem caused by great brother USA who is just leaning back and plotting the next shit they possibly can come up with (oh why Mr. Trump did you show your true colors so early when mocking Mrs. Merkel?). Kudos to that.
  3. The New Year’s incident in several cities in Germany. Several women were molested, robbed, sexually harassed and raped by “southern/north-African looking men” (related to refugee appearances) during the New Year’s celebrations. 1054 complaints were registered in Cologne – 454 being related to theft and sexual assaults. Other cities affected were Hamburg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt/Main, Nürnberg, Salzburg (Austria), Zurich (Switzerland), Helsinki (Finland).
    This is not related to 2 (or not proven to be) but it scares the hell out of people!
    Especially those who tend to listen to “brown” propaganda – and it doesn’t help that the police can not solve these incidents anytime soon as the people presenting this incredibly disgusting behavior are nowhere to be found.
    I don’t want to elaborate on this as I wasn’t there and it might have been used by the media too much to cover up other things but personally I do hope that they will catch these assholes who can not respect another culture and mindset – yet alone other human beings.

Yes, this post might be enough reason to call me a Nazi or such things. I am used to that – for even less reasons like e.g. talking English with my (cute) German accent.
I am disgusted and ashamed by the mob out there screaming nearly everyday now:”Wir sind das Volk – sie sind das Pack” (We are the nation – they are the  vermin).
Everyone who says that should be shunned from society. It is unbelievable how human beings treat others these days.
I myself am a critic of the refugee politics and behavior, I avoid crowds (that’s why I like online shopping so much) and I don’t go out in the evenings when its dark on my own (I never did! This is not a new behavior! I am afraid of dark roads and I would rather wait 25 minutes in wind&weather under a street lantern for the next bus to come then walking 5 minutes home through a dark street – this is called BASIC INSTINCT – it might be supernatural or ridiculous but if I have the choice between safe and might-be-not-so-safe-but-faster I take the safe version) but:
Despite which nation, color or religion – I do believe that people CAN live together in peace but everyone who can’t, should just leave the situation and not just burn down or steal property or even violate someone else – in any way!
There is NO reason that justifies these actions – none at all.

But while I’m writing this I am reflecting on myself and I see some parts of me I don’t like either:
I deeply am disgusted by people who just try to abuse another country’s policies and urge to help so they can get profit out of it or do whatever they please to violate others privacy , culture and beliefs,
I deeply am disgusted by my fellow Germans who can not get an understanding that there are people who suffer more than they do and only think about “those who steal things from us”,
I deeply am annoyed by all these politicians trying to make smart talk and abusing the fears and worries of their possible voters for their own egoistic reasons,
I am pissed off of myself talking about this while I went abroad so I just could get a decent job and after nearly 6 years I am not able to talk fluently in that foreign language – of course I never went to a course but that’s just another excuse I can make up (Though I could read Dutch after trying for 2 weeks. All my paperwork is in Dutch, I file my tax declaration in Dutch, I am willing to use Google Translate or friends when I don’t understand words.) – so I might not be the best judge of that topic when it comes to refugees and studying the foreign language and I am kinda arrogant in my own way when talking about this, too.
I am ashamed of our so-called civilized world! Because it is far, far away from that. Of course there will be always struggle between human beings, as it always was, but god damn, cut the crap! Focus on more important matters! Try to get your fucking shit together!


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