The Year Of The Ape

starts quite wonderful…. not really.
Life is trolling me.

First things first: Happy New Year to you folks!

The year started quite calm with my boyfriend cuddling on my couch – deep-sleeping. Actually the fireworks woke us up… well, we went to sleep again after it was over – and it is over quite soon where I live – thank god 😀

So… after a nice long 3-day-weekend I returned to work and…. was locked out.
I sat in the train half asleep when a colleague called me when I would hit the office building. Told her I would be there soon and she told me her card doesn’t work.
I arrived at the building to see another colleague in front of the door waving at me that he can’t get in either.
Meanwhile first colleague was already in the building but couldn’t get past the security gate to the elevators. She let us in from the other side.
While male colleague crawled over the gate and went upstairs to check if we could log into our office we tried to contact management – which was unavailable via phone as we only reached mailbox after mailbox.
Colleague came downstairs to tell us that upstairs everything was fine.
Now a security guard arrived and checked one of our cards in the system: “It is blocked and was only valid until 31st of December.” No kidding.
Other colleagues arrived – one of their cards actually worked and we could get in – I logged in at work at 7:50, which is more than 30minutes later than usual.
Wrote a mail to my boss and got it adjusted to a usual login time – yay 😀

So when I got home after such a bad start I wanted to log into my game to play a bit…. well…. PSN down. Whut? Yes. Down. Hooray. After I tried to login after restarting the console, talking to some PS-using peeps and googling I gave up on that and put in a DVD (Home, later El Dorado and El Dorado again in Dutch – second only halfway though) while doing a “Paint by numbers” picture of my zodiac Taurus.
5 hours later I burned through the first 4 numbers (of 12 in total) and was quite satisfied with myself and the evening – but stuck with a hurting hand that clamped around the brush for nearly the whole time. Hooray.

I went to sleep in my warm bed (heating blanket banzai!) and had a deep deramless sleep until I woke up by alarm and made my way to work…. when I saw a woman with her small terrier (the kind from Tim & Struppi) – which of course could not listen to her and ran towards me, stopped at my side just to jump up with its forepaws against my right knee cap – intentionally trying to get my attention while I might fall over. I didn’t do it the favor to fall but just stumbled… still…
Thank you, cat food. I wouldn’t have remembered why I hate owners of little dogs so much – yes, get them some education instead of screaming at them like crazy because they won’t listen to you. Duh!

So far my new year kinda sucks 😀
Let’s see if its just the first few days or keeps on rolling like this 😀


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