Xmas And New Year

…. is for kids and those people who think that a commercially pushed event is a reason to insane partying and being nice to family members they barely talk to over months.

Erm. Well.

I kinda don’t like celebrating stuff like this. Neither do I like New Year’s Eve, Easter or birthday celebrations as it is just a random reason to get drunk and be nice to people who you try to be nice to for the rest of the year and don’t manage to be.
Same for Valentine’s as it is a couple-thing but so commercialized that I kinda find it disgusting.

So yea~ no reason for me to celebrate 😀
Not even with my boyfriend – although we will be together for at least New Year’s but not celebrating hehe.


Most Discussed Advertisement In Germany Right Now

If some people didn’t hear about this yet – it’s a fantastic ad released on German TV.

But as usual these things get critics from “fantastic” to “horribly bad taste”

For me this ad is a perfect mirror of society.

Think of it on your own 🙂

Translation of spoken words:

message after answering machine beep
Hello papa – it’s me (hello grandpa),
I’m just calling to let you know that we can’t manage to drop by this year again. I’m sorry. We will try next year. Merry Xmas, papa, see you. (Merry Xmas grandpa)

grandpa after showing up in door:
How else would I get you all come together, hm?

Text at dinner:
Time to get together.