Best Support Replies

I usually don’t contact support of shops or supply of services – only if there is something really going on that doesn’t make sense or is wrong.
Over the past year I received some very random and/or strange replies  that made me think: What the hell?!

So I thought about sharing these experiences 🙂

  1. I wanted to buy a new couch. Not a stupid small one but one that can be used as a bed too.
    I googled a lot of shops and came across one that is pretty much famous in Germany and is also present in the Netherlands so I asked for a certain detail: Do you take the old couch with you?
    They replied: Yes we do.
    I was like *yay* and bought it. Including the return of the old couch in my order. Time was set to delivery.
    The delivery was 3 hours too early (thank god I took that day off from work!) and the guys did NOT take the old couch with them – as the car was full (yes, of course if you change the delivery schedule). I called customer support immediately. They said they will send an email for an appointment so the guys can come again to take the old couch.
    Nothing happened. I wrote again and received the reply: Sorry we only take couches that were previously ordered with us.
    Uhm~ why don’t give that kind of reply before I order? Well… for 3 weeks or so I had a new couch in the living room and an old one on my balcony until I brought it downstairs to be taken away.
    Most likely I will not order with this shop again 🙂
  2. My old fridge threatened to break down (weird loud noises and cooling was not really working as it was either too warm or froze things while the freezing part defroze things….) so I ordered a new one – including the service of building up, taking the old one and taking the package.
    The new fridge was delivered. They took the old one and asked me if I want to build the new one up… errr no?
    Then they refused to take the package and said “If you order online you need to keep it for 2 weeks” – ehm…? What?
    I called customer support and they said: They were supposed to take it with them.
    Oh really?! But they can’t do anything. Not even refund me for a paid service. WTF!
    So another service I most likely will not use in the Netherlands again.
  3. I ordered at a shop I use guite frequently – in Germany as the Dutch version just sells Kindle-crap. But as the shop changed their contract with the delivery service – it isn’t that fast anymore….  the delivery takes 3 more days then expected to be delivered >.>
    Support says they will forward my complaints regarding the time (on 2 such deliveries I mentioned to them) but well….
    The second time I received the information that my package was forgotten by the delivery people. Hello?!
    Right now searching for alternatives as that shop was usually my “check first there to order things from Germany”
  4. Never try to order something from a shop when they decide to do a sudden maintenance.
    I tried to order something. I was in the last step of doing so. Suddenly server was down. 2 hours later it worked (after being back for few seconds in between) and I completed my order.
    Promise was: 48h delivery. The next day I received an apology email that they can’t keep this. But no new date.
    I waited. Nearly one week later I saw that my address was falsified. The house number was something completely different.
    I wrote them – still no reply (this is 4 weeks later!) although they promise to get back in 48 hours max. Woot.
    I called them. They figured the same as I did: the address is wrong. They sent it again BUT with a bill.
    In the meantime I contacted the delivery service with the tracking number twice. Both times they really tried to help but could not as the package was sent to a wrong address.
    So the first one was sent to the post station. The second one as well. I went to the post station and explained the situation with every proof I had: My order, the receipt (with wrong address) and the tracking (with wrong address). I received both packages but refused to take one – the second as it was not paid and I had no need for it as the first paid one was suddenly available.
  5. Probably the best one. Gaming support.
    Game patches due to emergency maintenance. A new patch is released. Computer patches. PS4 and PS3 don’t.
    Restart of consoles don’t do anything. 1 hour later same result. Checked manually for updates (yes that is possible) – nothing.
    So I contact the support via chat, telling them literally that the patch is NOT available for PS systems.
    First reply: Did you unplug your internet? – Why would I when I chat with support?
    Next: Please perform an internet check on your PS-system. Good, not that there will be any other result than success but who cares~
    Then support tells me it can only be my internet connection. I deny. Else my computer wouldn’t have been able to connect to the patch server immediately – neither could I chat with them…. really? Running in circles.
    So finally support says they will investigate and send me an email. Well, okay, what else can they do right?
    Chat closed. Not even 5 minutes later the patch is up to download. And 2 minutes after chat closed I received a mail: it is your internet connection, please follow the steps (same as check made before) and if that does not work reinstall the game.
    DAFAQ?! Reinstalling that game takes 5 hours! On just ONE platform and I would do that for PS3 and PS4 while I’m on it….. lol?! Really useless.

Lots of things that shouldn’t happen and all happen to me 😀 Just great.
Customer Service at its best I’d say. Hopefully less trouble in the future!



Dear French,
this is for you.

I am really sorry what happened to you and your country over the past year.
My thoughts are with you guys

(although I consistently rant at you guys in games as you seem to not be able to be team players and like to fuck up a really basic dungeon/instance/raid … but that’s a different topic)

Regrettably I am not religious else I might have some tough stuff coming from there … I just hope everything might turn out for the better soon.

*participating in the silent minute at 12PM (CET)*