Fuck Up Of The Day

Or week. Or month. Or year.

I’m freaking embarrassed :/

I got home after work and a neighbor – which I know as I speak to him sometimes in German/English/Dutch-gibberish – said he got a package for me which the post left with him.
I went up to his apartment, got it and went 4 floors down to my apartment.
After doing some exercises with the help of Wii Fit Plus I wanted to open the package and was surprised: Not my stuff.
Hmmmmmm~ Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm~
I checked the address….WTFOMG! I took the wrong package and got one that was meant for a neighbor. Nuuuuuuuuuuu!
Went up 5 floors (by foot as elevators were in use by some other people) and rang the door feeling horrible. Neighbor wasn’t home, so I left the package at the door. Went down one floor to catch my package and ran down 4 floors to my apartment.
Got in and wrote a card saying sorry to my neighbor (in Dutch) and back to the elevators which were again busy traveling up and down somewhere but nowhere near my floor and ran up again 5 floors, left the card on the package and ran down 5 floors again…

Why the heck did I work out with the Wii Fit program when I just could ran upstairs and downstairs from the start? 😀

But hell…. I’m still embarrassed I mistook that package for mine – even so it was sent from the same company I should have checked the address and didn’t – no clue why 😦


2 thoughts on “Fuck Up Of The Day

  1. Well rather a double exercise instead of none. 😀

    As for the package.. Ever dropped of the wrong package at the post office? Drove across town (20mimutes by bus) just to realize I left with the wrong package.. The one I got, not the one to sent back to Amazon. You feel embarrassed? Try me
    . I felt stupid x.x

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