Improvement In A Weird Way

The title nails it! 😀

Well as stated in my last post I wasn’t feeling so well for a while due to some reasons – I don’t want to go into details as focusing on negative things will just make it worse than it is.

So~ I decided I’m going to try and study Dutch. Yay. I own a book since years ago but it (seriously) sucks.
It directly starts with reading a text while listening to it at the same time via CD and confusingly asks questions in Dutch about the text which I would need to analyse before understanding anything so… I’m lost… nope, thanks.
I dropped that. Years ago. And didn’t had a look ever since.

I bought a new book 2 weeks ago. It’s called “Niederländisch für Dummies” (Dutch for Dummies). It’s well explained – at least on the first page. Didn’t go further yet.
Why? Well. I would say “no time” but that is a lie. I’m just really not in the mood… whyever.

Although I want to learn I somehow don’t want to. So… in the end I got a weird idea that somehow nailed it.
I joined a Dutch guild in Final Fantasy XIV – yesterday 😀
Proof (don’t ask why I logged of as an Astrologian…. Usually i don’t log off with that class.)
And goddamn I have so much fun already!

Gonna see how it works out but finally I am enthusiastic about reading more than the first page of my study book! YaY!


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