Being In A Slump


So yes, this year I didn’t had a cosplay as… for whatever reason I felt like not doing one.
Could be also because I play alot FFXIV and if not that Skylanders.

That will change soon also as I am back on Kyudo next week, woop.
And I found some things (2-3) that I really like to wear.
Next problem is money 😀 as usual. As I want to do some things next year (not only cosplay-wise but also traveling/visiting friends) it will be kinda tough of a budget.

Hrrrrrrrrrr. But for now I’ll try to figure out what and how to do things so that I can realize what I am up to soon 🙂
Stay tuned 😀


Cosplay “Kagamine Rin”

Cosplay Cosplay: Kagamine Rin (Prject Diva F costume: “Rain”)
Photo by: Happy Berry Photography
Material: Stretch Gabardine, Cotton, Wire
Convention: Anime Con 2014, Connichi 2014

I do not like the character itself but she had some cool song in this game and when I saw the outfit… I was done for 😀
And I was on stage with this cos~ it was awkward because I messed my steps up but shit happens.
Anyways I was really flashed that the awesome Cosplayer (and judge) Yeugene said she wants to cosplay Rin in that outfit too – it was like: Oh my goooooosh, really~?! I will totally look forward to see her in that cos~

I wore that one twice. Regrettably not many pictures around – especially not the ones that were taken by Berry-chan as something went wrong with the SD card. Gonna see if I’ll wear it again (need to definitely remake the shoe thingies as the yellow straps fell off all the time even with double-sided tape)

Awesome Birthday Cake

I went to Germany for a weekend 2 weeks ago.
I visited friends of mine in Dortmund and we went to the Connichi in Kassel for a day on Saturday.

So when I arrived on Friday, 18th of September, we went to shop some things and then to their home when I was surprised with an awesome cake which was meant to be my (late) birthday cake ❤

As I couldn’t be there when I had my b-day in May – and neither could they be with me in May as I was on holidays in Ireland – it was a late present 😀 but really awesome. And tasty. And awesome.

Japanese Cheese Cake with Charmander

FFXIV: Heavensward Alexander Music


Been a while that I wrote anything about my gaming stuff~

Well… here it is~
When Heavensward aired we got a new raid: Alexander in normal mode and savage mode.

Normal is quite easy after figuring what happens and savage – well it’s a raid 😀
After a few weeks my new static group managed to clear A1S and A2S (all videos in links below)

At the beginning of the Alexander runs I quite disliked the music as it was too… robotic in my opinion.

Right now I can not imagine any raid without this music 😀

So I googled and found a link to the lyrics~ so next raid I guess I will start to sing….. omgosh, my poor raid group in TeamSpeak *evilgrin*

Kudos to this: Source of lyrics and cleared up music video

❤ ❤ ❤


Seeking the piece of reason,
Shaping a peaceless season,
Reason to keep believing,
Waking the beast who’s sleeping.


(Verse 1)

I call this destiny,
Or caught in a trance,
And I march inside a kind of dream
No sign in advance. You see?
This motor coil we serve is taut like a spring,
Step back, two step, two step,
Two step, one two three(yeah!)


Our world’s a fantasy no more than a test,
Ever feeding off the fallacy,
Creating this mess
(Deep down) inside this bleak machine,
With all of the rest
Break free, to praise, to praise electricity!


Time turning up the volume,
Time turning on us always,
No time enough to wallow,
For turning back to where we began.


Trying to set those tested,
fragments in one direction.
Celestial noise detected,
but maybe I’m unsuspected.
Static to give; to reason.
Turning to me for defense,
Transmissions begun, completed:
Setup to breach; to reset.

(Verse 2)

It was the destiny alone in a trance,
No escaping from this waking dream,
No hope for the best. (You see?)
The motor coil we serve is naught but a spring.
Unwind, too slow, too quick, too much to believe!


Your world’s a fantasy you failed to test
Ever forging all new fallacies creating a mess
(Direct) into this bleak machine with all of the rest
Dizzy, dying, dying! Electricity!


Falling back right into the system,
Falling back on all empty ears,
When falling back right out of the system
Means falling back right into disgrace
Yes, falling back right in with the system,
Is slipping, falling back to the end,
When falling back is better and simple,
(We’re) falling back into pieces again!


Sounds to be in rhythm
Memory wiped and beaten
Narrowly beat, defeated
Radicals flowing freer
Energy slowly seepin’
Suspending all disbelief in
Synergy with our being,
Synapses fire and breathin’.


❤ ❤ ❤

My videos of Alexander kills for those interested – I adore that play&share of the PS4 system – uploading vids was never that easy 😀

A1 (normal)
A2 (normal)
A3 (normal)
A4 (normal)

A1 (savage)
A2 (savage)

If you like you can follow that channel as I upload at least gaming vids every now and then 🙂

Improvement In A Weird Way

The title nails it! 😀

Well as stated in my last post I wasn’t feeling so well for a while due to some reasons – I don’t want to go into details as focusing on negative things will just make it worse than it is.

So~ I decided I’m going to try and study Dutch. Yay. I own a book since years ago but it (seriously) sucks.
It directly starts with reading a text while listening to it at the same time via CD and confusingly asks questions in Dutch about the text which I would need to analyse before understanding anything so… I’m lost… nope, thanks.
I dropped that. Years ago. And didn’t had a look ever since.

I bought a new book 2 weeks ago. It’s called “Niederländisch für Dummies” (Dutch for Dummies). It’s well explained – at least on the first page. Didn’t go further yet.
Why? Well. I would say “no time” but that is a lie. I’m just really not in the mood… whyever.

Although I want to learn I somehow don’t want to. So… in the end I got a weird idea that somehow nailed it.
I joined a Dutch guild in Final Fantasy XIV – yesterday 😀
Proof (don’t ask why I logged of as an Astrologian…. Usually i don’t log off with that class.)
And goddamn I have so much fun already!

Gonna see how it works out but finally I am enthusiastic about reading more than the first page of my study book! YaY!