Ups And Downs

Yay, I’m on a roller coaster~

First: I fell ill a few months ago and went to see my doc who told me that I got a jammed nerve in my shoulder that inflamed my shoulder’s muscles as it wasn’t treated.
Result: antibiotics for 2 weeks and prohibition of sports for at least 4 weeks 😦 This was now extended until September, 20th.

After that I ran into some trouble at work – not colleague or boss related but task-related which doesn’t make it better. I struggled, I got through it – somehow.

Kiba had the issue with his tail and I was worried sick for 2 days before I solved the problem.

Then I got a water damage in my apartment caused my lot of hair and dirt in the pipes… I waited 2 days for the plumber although he promised my landlord to show up on Monday, he came on Tuesday ~_~ And as I didn’t know what caused the water issue I was too scared to even take a bit of water for cooking or cleaning.

Because of no sports I thought I got fat as suddenly I had stomach issues – so I started my Wii Fit Plus program just to find out I lost weight. Hilarious!
So stomach issues might have another reason – maybe stress or bad food.
Whole stomach and gut area was hard so I used a hot water bottle and massages to clear the hardness but I wasn’t able to go to the toilet. Until I took meds (self medication) the day before yesterday and yesterday…

I felt soo relieved~ But something seems still wrong as my left side hurt yesterday evening as someone would stab a knife into my kidney and guts…
As I have off tomorrow I’ll check in with my doc to hopefully get a blood test and talk about these things happening.

Yes, I am stessed for some reasons – private and work – but I hate when my body continues on that stupid trip too.


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