Ups And Downs

Yay, I’m on a roller coaster~

First: I fell ill a few months ago and went to see my doc who told me that I got a jammed nerve in my shoulder that inflamed my shoulder’s muscles as it wasn’t treated.
Result: antibiotics for 2 weeks and prohibition of sports for at least 4 weeks 😦 This was now extended until September, 20th.

After that I ran into some trouble at work – not colleague or boss related but task-related which doesn’t make it better. I struggled, I got through it – somehow.

Kiba had the issue with his tail and I was worried sick for 2 days before I solved the problem.

Then I got a water damage in my apartment caused my lot of hair and dirt in the pipes… I waited 2 days for the plumber although he promised my landlord to show up on Monday, he came on Tuesday ~_~ And as I didn’t know what caused the water issue I was too scared to even take a bit of water for cooking or cleaning.

Because of no sports I thought I got fat as suddenly I had stomach issues – so I started my Wii Fit Plus program just to find out I lost weight. Hilarious!
So stomach issues might have another reason – maybe stress or bad food.
Whole stomach and gut area was hard so I used a hot water bottle and massages to clear the hardness but I wasn’t able to go to the toilet. Until I took meds (self medication) the day before yesterday and yesterday…

I felt soo relieved~ But something seems still wrong as my left side hurt yesterday evening as someone would stab a knife into my kidney and guts…
As I have off tomorrow I’ll check in with my doc to hopefully get a blood test and talk about these things happening.

Yes, I am stessed for some reasons – private and work – but I hate when my body continues on that stupid trip too.


Kiba On Tour

I was a bit worried a few days ago about my pet snake Kiba.

He shed a few weeks ago and had a bit skin hanging from his tail – so he shed completely but a bit seemed to hang off. I wasn’t sure if it was old or new skin and it didn’t seem to bother him.Kiba On Tour

Although he seemed healthy I got worried when he didn’t had any intention of getting rid of it.
I wrote to his breeder and two friends of mine who own several snakes to ask what to do although I made an appointment at a vet – nearly one week later as Kiba just had dinner and as snakes are terribly sensitive when they just had food I didn’t want to take him to the vet when he was still stuffed and digesting.

I received a tip to water the spot and try to get the skin off with a towel…
So I took him out of the terrarium when he was sleepy and brushed the tail with a wet kitchen towel while he was crawling over my legs and arm, trying to discover and escape.

Kiba on my legs
Cute pretty face
Kiba On TourKiba On Tour

15 minutes later I got the skin off and the snake back into the terrarium – pieces of the skin I got off are the dark spots on the kitchen towel.
Kiba On Tour

The following Wednesday I had the appointment at the vet.
He really took his time to check Kiba’s condition and checked his mouth as well his behavior. Kiba stayed over night to try to get some poop from him to check for parasites, bacteria and virus.
(I felt so damn guilty to leave him there T_T)
The next day I picked him up and doc said he couldn’t get anything out of him so I should try to get some poop which should be max. 1 hour old when arriving at the vet…. erm okay~
I wasn’t charged for that whole thing *wheeeee*

At home I sat Kiba back to his terrarium until I fed him again and moved him to a plastic box (with his cave and water bowl and kitchen towels) so I could see when he pooped.
At first he tried to escape. When this didn’t work, he watered the whole box with pushing out the water of the bowl…. d’oh!
I cleaned the box one-handed while having him on my right arm and put him back. I put a small plastic box with water in it into the box.
2 days later (last Wednesday) he watered the box again while throwing over the small plastic box -_-
I cleaned again and put the box and him back again. The next morning (Thursday) I saw he pooped and watered the box again while lying in the wettest part of the box…
As the poop was too old to bring it to the vet I gave up and put him back into the terrarium before leaving for work.
Left him there until now, not going to touch until he shows me frequently that he searches for food.

Never think that a snake has no brain – they are clever, in their own way 😀