The weather sucks right now…
It started Saturday with a huge storm and lots of rain.
It continues to rain and rain and rain…. with a few breaks in between.

What’s worse:
I was about to wash clothes in my machine when I saw that the drained water from the machine ended up being puked into the kitchen through the pipe that is open (as it is meant for a dish washer – I am glad I don’t have a dish washer as the water would have been pumped into it) and onto the ground while the rest was pushed up the sink in the kitchen…. great. Just great.

I tried the water drain in the bathroom with the result that the pipes make weird noise and water is being pushed up in the kitchen.
I cleaned all the water on the ground in the kitchen and put go-devil into all the sinks and shower and informed my landlord.
2 hours later I tried to wash it through. Now the water was stuck in the kitchen’s sink and shower…

My landlord made an appointment with a plumber on Monday. They were meant to call me shortly before they arrive. At 4PM my landlord called them to ask what is going on as they promised to drop by and no one called or showed up at my place.
Well~ I received a call and got told: Can’t come by today. Anyone home tomorrow?
Ya great. Was working at home yesterday and waiting for the plumber today at home again…
I’m mad. Landlord’s mad.

My only hope is that they can find out what is going on… my shower does not drain water as usual – just after a few hours the water is gone while the pipes make really weird sounds… plus I think that the washing machine spit water already 2 weeks ago. But I couldn’t find the source as I was too late to see the water dripping off the pipe.

I could blame the plumber that worked on the pipes twice in the last 3 months for a neighbor… The first appointment was to exchange pipes and I was not meant to use water the whole day back then.
The second time they did not explain what they are doing but I was meant to not use water either. The time fits the first time I heard the washing machine pushing the water up the pipe.
I just really hope that there is something wrong with the main pipe due to the repair works they did before instead of the apartment’s pipes – it’s a who-pays-the-repair-question here 😉

Well~ let’s see what the dude finds out today.


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