Some New Series To Watch

I discovered a few series which are indeed worth of continuing to watch. Some I found on my own, others were recommended by friends and colleagues.

Of course this won’t be about recent series that already have seasons – I am talking about (brand) new stuff 🙂 But obviously I don’t want to spoil the fun of watching – if you’re going to watch:

  • Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell: 
    England, 19th century. Magic is near to extinct and some dudes want to revive the magical times. 2 Magicians are in competition with each other and lots of magical things happen.
  • Mr. Robot:
    Elliot has an anti-social disorder and connects with people only by hacking them. He works for a cyber security company when he discovers a mysterious virus which leads him to a hacking organization.
  • Dark Matter:
    6 people awake on board of a space ship without any memories of their past. The ship’s data is deleted except for some hints.
  •  Between:
    A mysterious sickness hits a town: Everyone above 21 dies. The children left behind try to organize themselves while the government fences them into the city borders.
    (My opinion: this is a mix of the stories of “The Wave” and “Lord of the Flies”)
  • The Whispers:
    Drill is an unseen individual that “plays a game” with innocent children of powerful (or necessary) parents. These games lead to disastrous situations, so an FBI agent needs to take action.
  • Proof (US):
    A woman neglects her environment after losing her son and persues to investigate cases of reincarnation and hauntings as she wants an answer for the question if death is final.
  • Zoo:
    What happens if all animals suddenly decide to prey on humanity? Well, that’s basically all to say about this one 😀 (It starts with lions and cats)

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