That’s the word I will use more often today as much as possible – and most likely more often then ever before :/

This week is really warm – yesterday I had 32°C in my apartment (the morning started with 14). Outside it was roughly 35 – at 10PM.
I went to bed shortly after 11PM with a temperature of 25°C in my bedroom.
Today I woke up by my alarm and 23 degrees…. disgusting. Sweating already before leaving the house.
I stranded at work when the temperature hit the 25 mark. Grrrr. At least the office has airco.

I was on search for a stapler when I discovered the most EWWWWWWW-thing I ever saw in a desk drawer near my desk 😦 A rotten peer!


Disgusting disgusting disgusting!

So after this discovery I hope that the temperatures won’t go through the roof today (pls pls pls don’t I want to survive in my apartment)


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