Another Odyssey Ends

As mentioned here I had some fun time. Which continued Friday following that very Tuesday.
I received a mail at 6AM that the fridge will be delivered between 11.30AM and 2:30PM. Fine.

Started to clean it out at 8:30AM. 11:27AM I received a text message that they will start to deliver now. 11:55AM they rang at my door.

According to the service I ordered I should have received the following:
* Taking the old fridge
* Unwrapping the new one
* Putting it up
* Taking the wrapping with them

So they came upstairs and delivered the new package and took the old one.
But then they asked: Do you want to unwrap it yourself? Eww, no. I paid for that service so definitely no.
They looked a bit grim when unwrapping and putting it to the destined place.
Then they let me sign and were about to leave when I asked them to take the wrappings – no they don’t take these. I need to keep it for 2 weeks.
They left and said I need to leave the fridge without electricity for at least 8 hours…. YaY to my stuff that dies in my bathroom (as the day itself was awfully hot even in my coldest room = bathroom).

I checked the service I ordered and saw above mentioned: They should have taken the wrapping of the new fridge.
I contacted the customer service immediately via mail (as before I did not want to wait in their queue) – they replied 4 days later that the delivery guys lied to me but they can not compensate for missing services as the fridge was delivered fine and the old one taken away – wrapping does not count for anything. Not even for the inconvenience.
So it was up to me to take care of stupid wraps for a fridge which was never my problem until these guys were too lazy to take them away.

I received a customer satisfaction form from the delivery company which of course was filled in by me – yes they were nice but not motivated plus comment what happened.
Not that it matters much but my rage calmed down after that.

But as I did before I will not order or buy anything at this shop so soon again – hate Media Markt for their unprofessional staff since years and this experience just proved that I am right in doing so.


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