Accident In Front Of My Building

Been a time since this but it’s never too late to write about it – in my opinion.

Saturday, 13th of June, was a warm day which was really windy.
Shortly after 7:30PM I noticed that it might rain or is already raining due to a weird sound. I thought it might be hard rain, sounded like it so I rushed to my bedroom to close the window. And then I saw what caused that noise: It wasn’t rain but the wind that played with barrier tape around the street directly in front of the building.
An accident happened.
I went back to my living room as I could see better from there: A motorcicle crashed into a parking car:Accident In Front Of My Building

Lots of police and ambulance and watchers were standing around. The guy was taken care of (behind the tree on the left) while the police tried to keep the people away and check that incoming cars would take the detour through the parking lot in front of my building.
After a while they cleared the area and the guy was driven away to get brought to a hospital (news sites claim that a helicopter was present but I did not hear or see any around).

I saw some reporters talking to the police and taking pictures of the crash site before the commotion really died down and the police could measure out the tracks of the accident – from above it first looked like something leaked from the motorcicle before the crash but could be the skidmarks.
Accident In Front Of My Building

At 10PM everything was back as normal – besides white markings on the street, a missing parked car and a crashed motorcicle.
So far it is still unknown what happened to the driver as he seemed to have lost control and bumped into a lantern before crashing into the car.


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