Another Blackout

Yesterday (Wednesday) 3pm. Fire alert at work. 25 floors stairs to “safety” outside.
Back inside. Left work at 3.33pm.

At home 4.27pm…. blackout. Walking 8 floors upstairs. Can not shower or cook meal.
Because heating of water is based on electricty and gas is gone too….
Estimated time of power being back: 7pm.

Thought: Well thanks. Last day before add-on (FF14) i can not play and not taking part in my raid :(

In the end electricity and gas was back at 6.13pm so I could take part in the raid and do a biiiiiiiit of things I planned for the last day before add-on 🙂
But now I caught a cold or something due to cold sweat after walking home from train station in heat and taking 8 floors stairs to my apartment and not being able to shower right away (although changed clothes to get out of the wet ones buuuuuut well~)



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