Tuesday Odyssey

My fridge kind of gave up. Usually at program 5 it cooled and froze the stuff completely fine. Since ~6 months ago it does not work that way anymore…. suddenly I had crystals in the part that freezes things and the upper part of the cooling part was frozen – hitting my cheese and eggs, which were in the door part.

Ever seen a frozen egg? Don’t try!

I put the program down to 3. Worked fine but now the same stuff starts again (at least the crystals) although the whole thing was cleaned a few weeks ago šŸ˜¦
Soooo time for a new fridge after 8 years and some moves the actual one accompanied me on: From Leipzig to Hannover to Amsterdam to Hoofddorp to Haarlem.

So now… why did I call this blog: Tuesday Odyssey?
Well. I checked online for fridges at a big store I know from Germany and operates also in the NetherlandsĀ *I don’t want to advertise the name*
I had 2 favorites and wanted to see them live before making any decision. So I went to a store near Amsterdam Centraal Station. It was really windy (yay Netherlands) and lot of tourists stood in the way. Dunno, they always manage to stand in the way and block 4 meter wide streets *sigh*

I made it to the shop and checked the fridges they had. Found one of the favorites. Okay, cool, wanted to buy it. I searched for an employee, found one, who was busy with a guy who wanted to buy a small vaccuum cleaner and could not decide which to take. The small one or the smaller one….
I waited… when a couple took the opportunity to cut the line to order an oven and make a bit blablabla about it …. great.
Finally I took the chance after they were done and asked about the 2 fridges.
Number one they had in the shop would need to be ordered to the shop before being shipped to my home (Amsterdam -> Haarlem) and the other is only orderable online not through them directly. What the ***

So I asked the guy: “Summarizing: It is easier and better to order online instead here?” – “Yes”
Waste of time ? (Except that I could check out the fridge live)
I was on my way home now… through heavy wind and rain… train completely full as it was rush hour. Then bus (empty) and then walking the last few meters through wind and rain again.
At home I visited the website of the shop and ordered the fridge I saw in the shop although 10 EUR more then the other one but at least I saw and touched this one.
Plus additional costs for unwrapping the fridge, taking the old oneĀ and packing materialĀ with them – done.
Order confirmed. But then: “When ordered before 10PM we deliver the next day” ………………

I wrote a mail and called the hotline of the shop to ask about changing the delivery times.
Nasty music for 10 minutes when the post service sent a mail “Which date do you prefer?”
Hung up and chose Friday. But no clue which time they will come…. so I asked for holidays on Friday so I can just wait at home for them (if they don’t give me an estimated time frame by Friday morning) and hope for the best as I obviously have stuff in the fridge that wants to be eaten and not wasted because of lack of cold šŸ™‚

Let’s hope for the best.


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