A Good Week After A Bad One

Woooohoooo. I finally got through a really terrible week.
Last week was horrible. Not only because of my last post regarding being at work but also private.

Monday: was a day off. Of everything basically 😀 Chilling at home with FFXIV.
Tuesday: Trouble started with a friend. We got in a really nasty fight and don’t talk with each other anymore – or just when needed.
Wednesday: Program issues at work started. Could barely get anything finished as program said “loading, crashing, not doing anything”. Great.
I flooded my bathroom when taking a shower…. so cleaning the room after cleaning myself. Yay – not.
I also was mocked by another friend which I did not take so well.
Thursday: Work issues continuing. Went home for lunch and could work fine from home. Stayed home and worked my ass off to get my deadlines finished.
Friday: Still issues but could stay home. Hurt my shoulder really badly somehow I don’t know.
Saturday: Sneezing whole morning until it was blood – then suddenly it stopped -_- got a delivery (time frame 4PM – 9PM – they arrived at 8.24PM lol) – could have done sooo many things if they would have delivered earlier but well~
Sunday: Brain afk. Was calling grandma as my mom said she is worried about grandma’s health 😦

But since Monday it seems to be better – at least system at work does not bitsh around anymore 🙂


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