Accident In Front Of My Building

Been a time since this but it’s never too late to write about it – in my opinion.

Saturday, 13th of June, was a warm day which was really windy.
Shortly after 7:30PM I noticed that it might rain or is already raining due to a weird sound. I thought it might be hard rain, sounded like it so I rushed to my bedroom to close the window. And then I saw what caused that noise: It wasn’t rain but the wind that played with barrier tape around the street directly in front of the building.
An accident happened.
I went back to my living room as I could see better from there: A motorcicle crashed into a parking car:Accident In Front Of My Building

Lots of police and ambulance and watchers were standing around. The guy was taken care of (behind the tree on the left) while the police tried to keep the people away and check that incoming cars would take the detour through the parking lot in front of my building.
After a while they cleared the area and the guy was driven away to get brought to a hospital (news sites claim that a helicopter was present but I did not hear or see any around).

I saw some reporters talking to the police and taking pictures of the crash site before the commotion really died down and the police could measure out the tracks of the accident – from above it first looked like something leaked from the motorcicle before the crash but could be the skidmarks.
Accident In Front Of My Building

At 10PM everything was back as normal – besides white markings on the street, a missing parked car and a crashed motorcicle.
So far it is still unknown what happened to the driver as he seemed to have lost control and bumped into a lantern before crashing into the car.


Another Odyssey Ends

As mentioned here I had some fun time. Which continued Friday following that very Tuesday.
I received a mail at 6AM that the fridge will be delivered between 11.30AM and 2:30PM. Fine.

Started to clean it out at 8:30AM. 11:27AM I received a text message that they will start to deliver now. 11:55AM they rang at my door.

According to the service I ordered I should have received the following:
* Taking the old fridge
* Unwrapping the new one
* Putting it up
* Taking the wrapping with them

So they came upstairs and delivered the new package and took the old one.
But then they asked: Do you want to unwrap it yourself? Eww, no. I paid for that service so definitely no.
They looked a bit grim when unwrapping and putting it to the destined place.
Then they let me sign and were about to leave when I asked them to take the wrappings – no they don’t take these. I need to keep it for 2 weeks.
They left and said I need to leave the fridge without electricity for at least 8 hours…. YaY to my stuff that dies in my bathroom (as the day itself was awfully hot even in my coldest room = bathroom).

I checked the service I ordered and saw above mentioned: They should have taken the wrapping of the new fridge.
I contacted the customer service immediately via mail (as before I did not want to wait in their queue) – they replied 4 days later that the delivery guys lied to me but they can not compensate for missing services as the fridge was delivered fine and the old one taken away – wrapping does not count for anything. Not even for the inconvenience.
So it was up to me to take care of stupid wraps for a fridge which was never my problem until these guys were too lazy to take them away.

I received a customer satisfaction form from the delivery company which of course was filled in by me – yes they were nice but not motivated plus comment what happened.
Not that it matters much but my rage calmed down after that.

But as I did before I will not order or buy anything at this shop so soon again – hate Media Markt for their unprofessional staff since years and this experience just proved that I am right in doing so.

Another Blackout

Yesterday (Wednesday) 3pm. Fire alert at work. 25 floors stairs to “safety” outside.
Back inside. Left work at 3.33pm.

At home 4.27pm…. blackout. Walking 8 floors upstairs. Can not shower or cook meal.
Because heating of water is based on electricty and gas is gone too….
Estimated time of power being back: 7pm.

Thought: Well thanks. Last day before add-on (FF14) i can not play and not taking part in my raid :(

In the end electricity and gas was back at 6.13pm so I could take part in the raid and do a biiiiiiiit of things I planned for the last day before add-on 🙂
But now I caught a cold or something due to cold sweat after walking home from train station in heat and taking 8 floors stairs to my apartment and not being able to shower right away (although changed clothes to get out of the wet ones buuuuuut well~)


Tuesday Odyssey

My fridge kind of gave up. Usually at program 5 it cooled and froze the stuff completely fine. Since ~6 months ago it does not work that way anymore…. suddenly I had crystals in the part that freezes things and the upper part of the cooling part was frozen – hitting my cheese and eggs, which were in the door part.

Ever seen a frozen egg? Don’t try!

I put the program down to 3. Worked fine but now the same stuff starts again (at least the crystals) although the whole thing was cleaned a few weeks ago 😦
Soooo time for a new fridge after 8 years and some moves the actual one accompanied me on: From Leipzig to Hannover to Amsterdam to Hoofddorp to Haarlem.

So now… why did I call this blog: Tuesday Odyssey?
Well. I checked online for fridges at a big store I know from Germany and operates also in the Netherlands *I don’t want to advertise the name*
I had 2 favorites and wanted to see them live before making any decision. So I went to a store near Amsterdam Centraal Station. It was really windy (yay Netherlands) and lot of tourists stood in the way. Dunno, they always manage to stand in the way and block 4 meter wide streets *sigh*

I made it to the shop and checked the fridges they had. Found one of the favorites. Okay, cool, wanted to buy it. I searched for an employee, found one, who was busy with a guy who wanted to buy a small vaccuum cleaner and could not decide which to take. The small one or the smaller one….
I waited… when a couple took the opportunity to cut the line to order an oven and make a bit blablabla about it …. great.
Finally I took the chance after they were done and asked about the 2 fridges.
Number one they had in the shop would need to be ordered to the shop before being shipped to my home (Amsterdam -> Haarlem) and the other is only orderable online not through them directly. What the ***

So I asked the guy: “Summarizing: It is easier and better to order online instead here?” – “Yes”
Waste of time ? (Except that I could check out the fridge live)
I was on my way home now… through heavy wind and rain… train completely full as it was rush hour. Then bus (empty) and then walking the last few meters through wind and rain again.
At home I visited the website of the shop and ordered the fridge I saw in the shop although 10 EUR more then the other one but at least I saw and touched this one.
Plus additional costs for unwrapping the fridge, taking the old one and packing material with them – done.
Order confirmed. But then: “When ordered before 10PM we deliver the next day” ………………

I wrote a mail and called the hotline of the shop to ask about changing the delivery times.
Nasty music for 10 minutes when the post service sent a mail “Which date do you prefer?”
Hung up and chose Friday. But no clue which time they will come…. so I asked for holidays on Friday so I can just wait at home for them (if they don’t give me an estimated time frame by Friday morning) and hope for the best as I obviously have stuff in the fridge that wants to be eaten and not wasted because of lack of cold 🙂

Let’s hope for the best.

A Good Week After A Bad One

Woooohoooo. I finally got through a really terrible week.
Last week was horrible. Not only because of my last post regarding being at work but also private.

Monday: was a day off. Of everything basically 😀 Chilling at home with FFXIV.
Tuesday: Trouble started with a friend. We got in a really nasty fight and don’t talk with each other anymore – or just when needed.
Wednesday: Program issues at work started. Could barely get anything finished as program said “loading, crashing, not doing anything”. Great.
I flooded my bathroom when taking a shower…. so cleaning the room after cleaning myself. Yay – not.
I also was mocked by another friend which I did not take so well.
Thursday: Work issues continuing. Went home for lunch and could work fine from home. Stayed home and worked my ass off to get my deadlines finished.
Friday: Still issues but could stay home. Hurt my shoulder really badly somehow I don’t know.
Saturday: Sneezing whole morning until it was blood – then suddenly it stopped -_- got a delivery (time frame 4PM – 9PM – they arrived at 8.24PM lol) – could have done sooo many things if they would have delivered earlier but well~
Sunday: Brain afk. Was calling grandma as my mom said she is worried about grandma’s health 😦

But since Monday it seems to be better – at least system at work does not bitsh around anymore 🙂