Today Is Not A Good Day To Work

Coming to work was kind of a waste of time…
First: This morning I woke up and my brain was absent – resulting in a lot of thoughts later: Did I lock the door? Did I put the key in the usual place? Did I check in for train? etc etc etc
Going on until I was at work….
Then suddenly the computer tells me “Hey, there is an update. I NEED!” – Restart. Let it update. Loading all necessary programs for work. Suddenly everything went slow, so I restarted again.
Back again Computer says: “Hey there is another update” – Restart, update, login, work for 10 minutes and get ANOTHER “…update me….”
So now I manually updated the stuff and restarted. Then suddenly our network went crazy and it said again “…update…”
Manually updated again it finally went quiet after 6 restarts in total.

It could not get worse? It does: Network latency.
Our work program did not work or only worked for at max 20 minutes until other problems occured.
I spent another 40 minutes trying to log into the system.
I went on break in between. No change. Another computer restart as suggested by IT.

Back I could login but now I load and load and load. Suddenly the internet does not work anymore. Suggestion: Log into VPN. Yay. Works. 20 minutes later: Not.

So since then…. it works, 5 minutes later not, then again, then not.

Horrible day at work to be honest. I will leave in one hour and could not even do 1/4 of what I usually pull through. Hooray~ 😦


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