Ireland #4

Today is my birthday. No one here knows and why would I tell? 🙂
I got up rather late (well later than usual) and went for breakfast – today only toast and cereals – I’ll keep my distance from scrambled eggs for a while I guess.
I had also a hot chocolate and get the feeling that Irish don’t actually know you can make the instant powder with milk as water lets it taste… well watery. But well. Nevermind. It still tastes…somewhat.

After breakfast I watched a bit TV before I left for the town. It is really windy with sudden rain outbursts. I managed to get into the town without getting wet – it was rather beautiful – and checked out the castle. I talked to the owner who’s book I read yesterday at the B+B about a lot of things. Mostly about the castle, the parrot called Jack Sparrow (who was rather shy) and the dog Ri (which means King in Irish) – Ri was sooooo cuddly and lovely. He is a mix of a Greyhound and another hunt breed and when I asked if I could pat him he immediately got up an command and laid in front of me showing his belly and looked at me like: DO ITTTTTTTT! RUB MY BEELLLEEEEEHH!

Regrettably I don’t have a picture of him as I forgot to take one because I was so enthusiastic patting him into a state of trance 😀 Adorable nice dog.

After I finished patting I went to the shop and bought some sweets. When I got out it started to rain. I got into the rain, walked a few steps, went back into the shop and waited until the rain stopped.
After that I went to the harbor and further to the small church and the cove. After that I went back – originally I wanted to go further to the Beacon but I decided not to do it as the wind was really heavy.
So I returned to the town and went to Bushe’s Bar. I took the soup of the day (which was a really good tomato soup) and a hot chocolate (water with some taste of chocolate :P) – regrettably they did not hat the apple tart I ordered anymore.

After that I returned back to my accommodation and paid for my stay as I have an agreement with the owwner: I will be leaving tomorrow shortly after 8AM to get the first bus so I won’t need to wait for 1 hour in Skibbereen for the next bus.
The owner is really nice and suggested that either her or my husband will bring me down to Baltimore Pier tomorrow morning so I won’t need to walk *____* For free. Awesome.

So…. I already packed my stuff – as far as I could as my netbook I am writing with right now, cellphone and cabels as well as toiletry bag will follow tomorrow morning.

So far I enjoyed my holiday but compared to other holidays I did not quite do as much as I could have… but well… Original plans were different for yesterday and today and the weather simply did not want me to follow these plans 😀
On a note: I don*t like Cork. I do like Baltimore.
And there is still so much things to explore (and repeat that whale watching tour with hopefully more sightings) that I will definitely come back again to Baltimore – and Cork only until the bus station.


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