Ireland #3

Today was the day~ whale watching!
I got up shortly before 8AM, got my contact lenses in (as I knew I would need them to wear the sunglasses I brought as these aren’t adjusted to my sight) and went for breakfast.
I had toast and scramled eggs with smoked salmon.
Sounds weird. Tastes the same. You need a strong stomache for that.
After eating I left for the 15 minutes walk to the harbor. Of course I was too early. I waited and took some photos of the sea and ships and the castlee with a pirate flag 😀
Shortly after 9AM I was boarding the “Voyager” for the whale watching tour.
Nic is a really nice guy and explains lot of things – not only about the animals but also about the history of Baltimore.
The waves were really pushing the boat while we were heading out, looking for whales and dolphins. Suddenly we saw a baby whale back. Shortly after I saw a fin. Sadly they’re too fast to take pictures. We followed the birds and saw another flock of birds dropping out of the sky eating fish that was chased by whales. I spotted another 2 fins and we checked the area for some more activity – but discoverd nothing.

We went on and bumped into really huge waves when we spotted a dolphin directly in front of the boat.
We stopped to check to see other dolphins but none showed. So we went on…. and suddenly I started to feel sick. I went inside of the boat and concentrated on the land when I suddenly felt getting worse and emptied my breakfast into the toilet. At the same moment a female whale with her calf was spotted so I went outside to see – I saw both but that didn’t make me feel better.

2 American women were worried and took care of me from then on – even after I threw up into the sea -_- I was so embaressed.
So these 2 spoke to me and a 3rd one told me what to do to feel better. She is a nurse so no discussion and it helped me!
I was so grateful.
When we made a stop at Clear island we went into a little cafe/shop and drank some tea – best black tea I ever had.

On our way back the waves were less gruff – I got told that it was the tide’s fault it was so harsh earlier and as we would now ride with the flow it wouldn’t be as bad. Indeed. I feltt better – also due to eating a piece of bread and drinking a cup of tea.
We saw some seals on our way back – cute buggers that showed of how cute and awesome they are 😛 They were posing! Yes!

After landing I thanked all the girls worrying about me and wished them a safe travel home to New Jersey while they wished me an early happy birthday 😀
That travel – although not many whales and me feeling sick – was really awesome.

I walked home (to the accommodation) when it started to rain. Really softly and then pouring down. The weather here actually gives you a warning haha.
Arrived at the property, the dog (which name is Tyson as I was told) greeted me barking. When I closed in I let him sniff my hand and he followed me to the entrance before he left again to check out if someone else might come.
I couldn’t open the door so I rang the bell and the owner opened and showed me the secret of the door 😀 Yes there is one.
We had a talk about the seeing and that I wanted to see the pirate’s exhibition but skipped that as I felt sick. She gave me a book about the pirates, written by the current owner of the castle *___*

So now, as I won’t leave the house due to heavy rain anymore, I will enjoy reading the book 🙂

Gull Picture


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