Ireland #2

After my day in Cork, I set out for a travel.
I got up and went for breakfast shortly after 8AM. Today the hot chocolate was way better than yesterday – it even had marshmallows in it. *__*
I accidentally took a juice called something with “Mary” – tomato something juice…. meh. Let it stay and got a cranberry juice.

After breakfast I went back to my room to chill a bit until my departure time. I left the room at 11.25AM and checked out with the same guy I saw yesterday the whole day. 😮 And  still looking fresh. Don’t know if he even slept. Surprisingly my extra costs for sending off postcards and buying some snacks was not really expensive.

I went for the bus station and luckily did not need to wait for 30 minutes although it was 4 minutes past the normal departure time – the bus was late so I could take it immediately.
I got to Cork bus station and bought a ticket to Baltimore and the return. After that I got a Fanta bottle and a snack and waited… and waited.
I could have taken the 1PM bus but would have had a waiting time of over 1 hour in Skibbereen for the next bus so I waited until 2.15PM instead.
An older man sat next to me and spoke to me – in the beginning I did not want to talk but after a while it was quite funny. He told me lots of things about the are as he grew up there. He made me aware of a car statue on the  road (Ballinascarthy County Cork) which was built to honor Henry Ford’s father.

I was in need to change busses in Clonakilty and another time in Skibbereen. The first wait was 10 minutes. The second 40 minutes.
Clonakilty was really windy and at the opposite side of a Spar – I saw a lot of German brands these last 2 days but Spar is one of the more frequent ones. Skibbereen wait was awkward in front of some shops and narrow space for people to pass. But at least the weather was nice today.

I arrived at Baltimore Pier as planned at 5:20PM and walked 1,4km to get to my accommodation – a private B+B. I was greeted by the son who showed me the room. It’s small but really nice and has awesome 2 views: one seaside, the other sideway across the garden and hills.

Bad news today: I was in need to reschedule my whale watching tour. I sent a mail to the organisator this morning before I left Cork as I was worried about the weather forecast and asked for the possibility to reschedule. I received a mail that as per now they will definitely not sail on Monday and they will be happy to agree on a reschedule for tomorrow morning.

So tomorrow will be busy: Breakfast at 8AM, walking to the harbor, boarding at earliest 9AM and leaving at 9.30AM for hopefully lots of whales and dolphins to see. Exciting.


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