Ireland #1

(Regrettably I forgot my USB cable so I will upload pictures later)

Yesterday night I landed safe in Cork, Ireland.
My hand luggage was declared as too much (only 1 piece/person allowed in plane) so I was in need to pick my hand luggage up at the belt…. Annoyance. Especially as the crew said the following before we started: All our passengers are here but because we need to load up the luggage we will be delayed.
Really? So now it is passenger’s fault that the plane is not built for normal behavior of people?
Gnah. The flight itself was horrible. These chairs…. leather great but how the hell should someone feel well in these stupid seats that are built for 1,40m people or so…. my back hurt. Couldn’t sleep really comfy as usual as every 30minutes or so a beep went through the plane. First flight I got a headache.

So. I picked up my luggage and went out to the exit. On the way I asked the information how to get to the hotel – not that I did not check on Google but there is indeed a different way which is shorter: “To the left until the end then right, cross the street, get up the stairs and there you are.”
Indeed. Easy.
After checking in I found out that the room is bigger then my living room 😀 and really nice and comfy. Plus I get German TV but not the standard channels but RTL, RTL2, Sat1 and Pro7 – whut?
As it was now something after 10PM I went to bed.

This morning I went to get breakfast. A lot of food. I ordered a hot chocolate but that one tasted more like water with some smell of chocolate – food was delicious and made up for that.
After breakfast I spoke with the guy at the reception and asked him how to get to Fota – in general Google description for ways suck here. It’s way easier to ask and maybe get a better result. Although checking with google helps. But well. I had fun talking to him. In general: the hotel staff is really nice! I really recommend staying at the Cork International Airport Hotel.

I got ready and talked to him again to exchange some money – as I only had 50 EUR bills that do not really help in public transportation.
I took the bus and first thing I heard on Irish radio: “A girl electrocuted herself when she took a selfie on a roof of a train.” ……. WTH?!
Half an hour later I was at the main bus stop in Cork and followed the GPS to Kent Station where I bought a ticket to Fota.
3 train stations later I was in Fota. 10 minutes too early to get into the wildlife park through the station entrance. I decided to walk around the park and get into the main entrance: Right decision. Suddenly I saw a tiger to my right pacing 20 meters directly in front of the outer fence where I passed *__* Other visitors first see monkeys and meerkats – I see a Tiger! Awesome.

As I already booked my ticket online I could pass through the entrance really quick and saw above mentioned monkeys and meerkats, as well as zebras and ostrichs. I followed the recommended route through the park and saw lots of annimals – I was really impressed by the amount of cheetahs and the free-running animals. Fota Wildlife Park lets some animals roam free through the park, such as ducks, peacocks, maras, kangaroos – of course not the cheetahs 😛




I ended my tour in the gift shop where I bought 2 things: a plush giraffe and a magnet. I left the park and went the way back to the station.
I took the train back to Kent Station and started to walk around in Cork. First I got something to eat and drink 😀 and after that I walked through the city centre and the English Market. I visited the St. Finn Barre Cathedral and returned to the bus station as it started to get nasty and I was actually exhausted by all that walking I did 😀

I left the hotel at 8AM and returned at 3PM. Wooooh. Was so done for, haha.

Tomorrow will be a travel day. First back to Cork, so I can catch the bus to Baltimore. Let’s see what I will do on Sunday 😀


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