Holidays, Here I Come~

As mentioned previously I will go on a 5 days trip to Ireland starting tomorrow evening.
I’m really excited and need to say: That trip is one of the most unorganized I am going to do.

Why? For starters: I only got 1 day planned.
I will take the flight with Aer Lingus from Amsterdam to Cork tomorrow at 8:40PM. As I land at something with 9PM it was really hard to get a hotel that has still open at this time – not. There is a hotel at the airport which seems to be nice – ad related to the star rating really cheap.
I booked it for 2 nights. Meaning: 1 day in Cork, the next day I travel to Baltimore, staying for 3 nights before I go back to the airport.
The only day planned is Monday, 18th, which happens to be my birthday and I hope I can go on a whale watching trip wih Nic in the afternoon – depending on the weather.

Those things are done since February. Since then I did not really think about anything regarding to that trip 😀 Except: whales, maybe whales, whales, …
So today I started t pack up my stuff and checked a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooot what I can do in Cork. Well there are a few options.

My favorite choice is: Fota Wildlife Park
I love anmals, I wanted to check out a zoo or park anyways. Perfect. I booked my ticket online (yes, you can do that and its valid for 90 days) and then the hassle started: my printer was not working.
Well … machine said it is, computer said no. 30 minutes later computer says yes (after the war with the USB cable getting plugged out and back in, restarting the computer, pushing the on/off button on printer and finally downloading and overwriting driver information).

So. One thing that may take a couple of hours is planned. But what to do with the rest of my time? I got some rough plans: University College, English Market, St. Fin Barne Cathedrale, St. Anne Shandon Church…. should be enough for a day but if I will pull that through depends on the weather and how I feel after the park thing 😀

And also…. what to do in Baltimore Sat afternoon / Sunday? I have something in mind – either Scibbereen or visiting some isles – but everything depends on the weather as I don’t think I will go on a ferrie if it’s raining 😀 Man rain would really suck. Got enough in the Netherlands 😛

Despite me being not so well organized as usual – I am really excited *_*


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