Today Is Not A Good Day To Work

Coming to work was kind of a waste of time…
First: This morning I woke up and my brain was absent – resulting in a lot of thoughts later: Did I lock the door? Did I put the key in the usual place? Did I check in for train? etc etc etc
Going on until I was at work….
Then suddenly the computer tells me “Hey, there is an update. I NEED!” – Restart. Let it update. Loading all necessary programs for work. Suddenly everything went slow, so I restarted again.
Back again Computer says: “Hey there is another update” – Restart, update, login, work for 10 minutes and get ANOTHER “…update me….”
So now I manually updated the stuff and restarted. Then suddenly our network went crazy and it said again “…update…”
Manually updated again it finally went quiet after 6 restarts in total.

It could not get worse? It does: Network latency.
Our work program did not work or only worked for at max 20 minutes until other problems occured.
I spent another 40 minutes trying to log into the system.
I went on break in between. No change. Another computer restart as suggested by IT.

Back I could login but now I load and load and load. Suddenly the internet does not work anymore. Suggestion: Log into VPN. Yay. Works. 20 minutes later: Not.

So since then…. it works, 5 minutes later not, then again, then not.

Horrible day at work to be honest. I will leave in one hour and could not even do 1/4 of what I usually pull through. Hooray~ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


Ireland #4

Today is my birthday. No one here knows and why would I tell? ๐Ÿ™‚
I got up rather late (well later than usual) and went for breakfast – today only toast and cereals – I’ll keep my distance from scrambled eggs for a while I guess.
I had also a hot chocolate and get the feeling that Irish don’t actually know you can make the instant powder with milk as water lets it taste… well watery. But well. Nevermind. It still tastes…somewhat.

After breakfast I watched a bit TV before I left for the town. It is really windy with sudden rain outbursts. I managed to get into the town without getting wet – it was rather beautiful – and checked out the castle. I talked to the owner who’s book I read yesterday at the B+B about a lot of things. Mostly about the castle, the parrot called Jack Sparrow (who was rather shy) and the dog Ri (which means King in Irish) – Ri was sooooo cuddly and lovely. He is a mix of a Greyhound and another hunt breed and when I asked if I could pat him he immediately got up an command and laid in front of me showing his belly and looked at me like: DO ITTTTTTTT! RUB MY BEELLLEEEEEHH!

Regrettably I don’t have a picture of him as I forgot to take one because I was so enthusiastic patting him into a state of trance ๐Ÿ˜€ Adorable nice dog.

After I finished patting I went to the shop and bought some sweets. When I got out it started to rain. I got into the rain, walked a few steps, went back into the shop and waited until the rain stopped.
After that I went to the harbor and further to the small church and the cove. After that I went back – originally I wanted to go further to the Beacon but I decided not to do it as the wind was really heavy.
So I returned to the town and went to Bushe’s Bar. I took the soup of the day (which was a really good tomato soup) and a hot chocolate (water with some taste of chocolate :P) – regrettably they did not hat the apple tart I ordered anymore.

After that I returned back to my accommodation and paid for my stay as I have an agreement with the owwner: I will be leaving tomorrow shortly after 8AM to get the first bus so I won’t need to wait for 1 hour in Skibbereen for the next bus.
The owner is really nice and suggested that either her or my husband will bring me down to Baltimore Pier tomorrow morning so I won’t need to walk *____* For free. Awesome.

So…. I already packed my stuff – as far as I could as my netbook I am writing with right now, cellphone and cabels as well as toiletry bag will follow tomorrow morning.

So far I enjoyed my holiday but compared to other holidays I did not quite do as much as I could have… but well… Original plans were different for yesterday and today and the weather simply did not want me to follow these plans ๐Ÿ˜€
On a note: I don*t like Cork. I do like Baltimore.
And there is still so much things to explore (and repeat that whale watching tour with hopefully more sightings) that I will definitely come back again to Baltimore – and Cork only until the bus station.

Ireland #3

Today was the day~ whale watching!
I got up shortly before 8AM, got my contact lenses in (as I knew I would need them to wear the sunglasses I brought as these aren’t adjusted to my sight) and went for breakfast.
I had toast and scramled eggs with smoked salmon.
Sounds weird. Tastes the same. You need a strong stomache for that.
After eating I left for the 15 minutes walk to the harbor. Of course I was too early. I waited and took some photos of the sea and ships and the castlee with a pirate flag ๐Ÿ˜€
Shortly after 9AM I was boarding the “Voyager” for the whale watching tour.
Nic is a really nice guy and explains lot of things – not only about the animals but also about the history of Baltimore.
The waves were really pushing the boat while we were heading out, looking for whales and dolphins. Suddenly we saw a baby whale back. Shortly after I saw a fin. Sadly they’re too fast to take pictures. We followed the birds and saw another flock of birds dropping out of the sky eating fish that was chased by whales. I spotted another 2 fins and we checked the area for some more activity – but discoverd nothing.

We went on and bumped into really huge waves when we spotted a dolphin directly in front of the boat.
We stopped to check to see other dolphins but none showed. So we went on…. and suddenly I started to feel sick. I went inside of the boat and concentrated on the land when I suddenly felt getting worse and emptied my breakfast into the toilet. At the same moment a female whale with her calf was spotted so I went outside to see – I saw both but that didn’t make me feel better.

2 American women were worried and took care of me from then on – even after I threw up into the sea -_- I was so embaressed.
So these 2 spoke to me and a 3rd one told me what to do to feel better. She is a nurse so no discussion and it helped me!
I was so grateful.
When we made a stop at Clear island we went into a little cafe/shop and drank some tea – best black tea I ever had.

On our way back the waves were less gruff – I got told that it was the tide’s fault it was so harsh earlier and as we would now ride with the flow it wouldn’t be as bad. Indeed. I feltt better – also due to eating a piece of bread and drinking a cup of tea.
We saw some seals on our way back – cute buggers that showed of how cute and awesome they are ๐Ÿ˜› They were posing! Yes!

After landing I thanked all the girls worrying about me and wished them a safe travel home to New Jersey while they wished me an early happy birthday ๐Ÿ˜€
That travel – although not many whales and me feeling sick – was really awesome.

I walked home (to the accommodation) when it started to rain. Really softly and then pouring down. The weather here actually gives you a warning haha.
Arrived at the property, the dog (which name is Tyson as I was told) greeted me barking. When I closed in I let him sniff my hand and he followed me to the entrance before he left again to check out if someone else might come.
I couldn’t open the door so I rang the bell and the owner opened and showed me the secret of the door ๐Ÿ˜€ Yes there is one.
We had a talk about the seeing and that I wanted to see the pirate’s exhibition but skipped that as I felt sick. She gave me a book about the pirates, written by the current owner of the castle *___*

So now, as I won’t leave the house due to heavy rain anymore, I will enjoy reading the book ๐Ÿ™‚

Gull Picture

Ireland #2

After my day in Cork, I set out for a travel.
I got up and went for breakfast shortly after 8AM. Today the hot chocolate was way better than yesterday – it even had marshmallows in it. *__*
I accidentally took a juice called something with “Mary” – tomato something juice…. meh. Let it stay and got a cranberry juice.

After breakfast I went back to my room to chill a bit until my departure time. I left the room at 11.25AM and checked out with the same guy I saw yesterday the whole day. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ And ย still looking fresh. Don’t know if he even slept. Surprisingly my extra costs for sending off postcards and buying some snacks was not really expensive.

I went for the bus station and luckily did not need to wait for 30 minutes although it was 4 minutes past the normal departure time – the bus was late so I could take it immediately.
I got to Cork bus station and bought a ticket to Baltimore and the return. After that I got a Fanta bottle and a snack and waited… and waited.
I could have taken the 1PM bus but would have had a waiting time of over 1 hour in Skibbereen for the next bus so I waited until 2.15PM instead.
An older man sat next to me and spoke to me – in the beginning I did not want to talk but after a while it was quite funny. He told me lots of things about the are as he grew up there. He made me aware of a car statue on the ย road (Ballinascarthy County Cork) which was built to honor Henry Ford’s father.

I was in need to change busses in Clonakilty and another time in Skibbereen. The first wait was 10 minutes. The second 40 minutes.
Clonakilty was really windy and at the opposite side of a Spar – I saw a lot of German brands these last 2 days but Spar is one of the more frequent ones. Skibbereen wait was awkward in front of some shops and narrow space for people to pass. But at least the weather was nice today.

I arrived at Baltimore Pier as planned at 5:20PM and walked 1,4km to get to my accommodation – a private B+B. I was greeted by the son who showed me the room. It’s small but really nice and has awesome 2 views: one seaside, the other sideway across the garden and hills.

Bad news today: I was in need to reschedule my whale watching tour. I sent a mail to the organisator this morning before I left Cork as I was worried about the weather forecast and asked for the possibility to reschedule. I received a mail that as per now they will definitely not sail on Monday and they will be happy to agree on a reschedule for tomorrow morning.

So tomorrow will be busy: Breakfast at 8AM, walking to the harbor, boarding at earliest 9AM and leaving at 9.30AM for hopefully lots of whales and dolphins to see. Exciting.

Ireland #1

(Regrettably I forgot my USB cable so I will upload pictures later)

Yesterday night I landed safe in Cork, Ireland.
My hand luggage was declared as too much (only 1 piece/person allowed in plane) so I was in need to pick my hand luggage up at the belt…. Annoyance. Especially as the crew said the following before we started: All our passengers are here but because we need to load up the luggage we will be delayed.
Really? So now it is passenger’s fault that the plane is not built for normal behavior of people?
Gnah. The flight itself was horrible. These chairs…. leather great but how the hell should someone feel well in these stupid seats that are built for 1,40m people or so…. my back hurt. Couldn’t sleep really comfy as usual as every 30minutes or so a beep went through the plane. First flight I got a headache.

So. I picked up my luggage and went out to the exit. On the way I asked the information how to get to the hotel – not that I did not check on Google but there is indeed a different way which is shorter: “To the left until the end then right, cross the street, get up the stairs and there you are.”
Indeed. Easy.
After checking in I found out that the room is bigger then my living room ๐Ÿ˜€ and really nice and comfy. Plus I get German TV but not the standard channels but RTL, RTL2, Sat1 and Pro7 – whut?
As it was now something after 10PM I went to bed.

This morning I went to get breakfast. A lot of food. I ordered a hot chocolate but that one tasted more like water with some smell of chocolate – food was delicious and made up for that.
After breakfast I spoke with the guy at the reception and asked him how to get to Fota – in general Google description for ways suck here. It’s way easier to ask and maybe get a better result. Although checking with google helps. But well. I had fun talking to him. In general: the hotel staff is really nice! I really recommend staying at the Cork International Airport Hotel.

I got ready and talked to him again to exchange some money – as I only had 50 EUR bills that do not really help in public transportation.
I took the bus and first thing I heard on Irish radio: “A girl electrocuted herself when she took a selfie on a roof of a train.” ……. WTH?!
Half an hour later I was at the main bus stop in Cork and followed the GPS to Kent Station where I bought a ticket to Fota.
3 train stations later I was in Fota. 10 minutes too early to get into the wildlife park through the station entrance. I decided to walk around the park and get into the main entrance: Right decision. Suddenly I saw a tiger to my right pacing 20 meters directly in front of the outer fence where I passed *__* Other visitors first see monkeys and meerkats – I see a Tiger! Awesome.

As I already booked my ticket online I could pass through the entrance really quick and saw above mentioned monkeys and meerkats, as well as zebras and ostrichs. I followed the recommended route through the park and saw lots of annimals – I was really impressed by the amount of cheetahs and the free-running animals. Fota Wildlife Park lets some animals roam free through the park, such as ducks, peacocks, maras, kangaroos – of course not the cheetahs ๐Ÿ˜›




I ended my tour in the gift shop where I bought 2 things: a plush giraffe and a magnet. I left the park and went the way back to the station.
I took the train back to Kent Station and started to walk around in Cork. First I got something to eat and drink ๐Ÿ˜€ and after that I walked through the city centre and the English Market. I visited the St. Finn Barre Cathedral and returned to the bus station as it started to get nasty and I was actually exhausted by all that walking I did ๐Ÿ˜€

I left the hotel at 8AM and returned at 3PM. Wooooh. Was so done for, haha.

Tomorrow will be a travel day. First back to Cork, so I can catch the bus to Baltimore. Let’s see what I will do on Sunday ๐Ÿ˜€

Holidays, Here I Come~

As mentioned previously I will go on a 5 days trip to Ireland starting tomorrow evening.
I’m really excited and need to say: That trip is one of the most unorganized I am going to do.

Why? For starters: I only got 1 day planned.
I will take the flight with Aer Lingus from Amsterdam to Cork tomorrow at 8:40PM. As I land at something with 9PM it was really hard to get a hotel that has still open at this time – not. There is a hotel at the airport which seems to be nice – ad related to the star rating really cheap.
I booked it for 2 nights. Meaning: 1 day in Cork, the next day I travel to Baltimore, staying for 3 nights before I go back to the airport.
The only day planned is Monday, 18th, which happens to be my birthday and I hope I can go on a whale watching trip wih Nic in the afternoon – depending on the weather.

Those things are done since February. Since then I did not really think about anything regarding to that trip ๐Ÿ˜€ Except: whales, maybe whales, whales, …
So today I started t pack up my stuff and checked a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooot what I can do in Cork. Well there are a few options.

My favorite choice is: Fota Wildlife Park
I love anmals, I wanted to check out a zoo or park anyways. Perfect. I booked my ticket online (yes, you can do that and its valid for 90 days) and then the hassle started: my printer was not working.
Well … machine said it is, computer said no. 30 minutes later computer says yes (after the war with the USB cable getting plugged out and back in, restarting the computer, pushing the on/off button on printer and finally downloading and overwritingย driver information).

So. One thing that may take a couple of hours is planned. But what to do with the rest of my time? I got some rough plans: University College, English Market, St. Fin Barne Cathedrale, St. Anne Shandon Church…. should be enough for a day but if I will pull that through depends on the weather and how I feel after the park thing ๐Ÿ˜€

And also…. what to do in Baltimore Sat afternoon / Sunday? I have something in mind – either Scibbereen or visiting some isles – but everything depends on the weather as I don’t think I will go on a ferrie if it’s raining ๐Ÿ˜€ Man rain would really suck. Got enough in the Netherlands ๐Ÿ˜›

Despite me being not so well organized as usual – I am really excited *_*