Review: Toukiden Kiwami

I checked the PSN store by coincidence on Saturday and found some add-ons for a game which looked cute, so I downloaded them. After that I found the demo for that game – also downloaded it.
Played it and after one hour I decided to buy the game which appeared to be new and out since 25th of March, 2015 – available at my store of choice, so I ordered it and got it on Sunday (yes! Sunday!)

I am totally hooked – well besides playing FFXIV, of course, but right now due to also private things I don’t like to play that really often and need a change 😀 which Kiwami actually gives me.

First of all: Character options. Gender, Hair color and style, Voice and Face. Not much to choose from but you rarely see the character up front anyways so~ who cares~ (but nice choices to be honest).
Choose your weapon! Looooooots of different stuff but guess what I went for – yes, the bow. Since demo. Still no change. Bow rules. Especially because it’s a Japanese bow with the correct handling including a long kai (to power up shots) and you could change to other weapons before a mission – I did all trainings but actually I will stick to bow as I really find it easy to go with the usual weapons of choice I prefer in other games (Sword, Knives, Spear) while Bow is kind of a challenge :3 On that note: I hate the rifle! Really!

My first fight was awkward. No clue what to do and such 😀

* Chapter 1 (all videos are without sound. No clue why but appearantly seems to be a copyright issue as they are without sound even on PS4 while FFXIV has no issues with sound)

I kind of got used to it by now – as I am in chapter 3 now – but still sometimes I mess it up 😛
* Chapter 3

While watching the second video… another reason why I may be hooked on the game: the Tenko (that cute bugger which is a two-tailed fox). I saw it from the start lying in front of my house and was like: KKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWT! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT!
Well I got it (need to feed and send it for missions – Pokémon?).
And colored it already several times *cough*
White -> Gold -> Red -> Green -> Blue -> Pink -> White -> Gold.
Review: Toukiden KiwamiReview: Toukiden Kiwami
Review: Toukiden KiwamiReview: Toukiden Kiwami
Review: Toukiden KiwamiReview: Toukiden Kiwami

I guess I stick with gold for a while 😀 (but liked the blue too)

Besides the story missions there are a few quests. Usually you need to redo some missions for these quests as either you need to gather materials or kill monsters. Keeps busy (and levels the Mitamas).
Although the lock on target function does not always works (I rarely got that with a melee weapon while I always get it with a range when pressing L1, so no clue whywhat-nevermind as I am a Kyudoka anyways :D) and I needed some time to figure that I really should help the NPCs with purifying boss monster parts we kicked

While your weapon does whatever it needs to do (right now, mine is a NPC-crafted Oni Stinger – there are several others which have element attributes and such – while I wear the Rinne Outfit I received with the code I got when buying the game ❤ that one is way better than any crafted gear so far) it can be attached with Mitamas – souls of warriors.
These souls are obtained by killing onis (or DLC codes) 😀 and are set with a specific skill set which can be used additionally to the character’s own.
The Mitama can level up to obtain further skills to assist in battle. Another point why I am hooked *gnaaaa* (Pokémon?!)

There is also a system which is similar to “Harem games” (sorry, don’t know how else to call these games). I don’t know if some quests are issued after you reach a certain level but appearently the player should be on really good terms with the NPCs – which I am with most of them 😀
Acquaintance, companion, friend, trusted friend, etc …. nice titles describing your relationships 😛 I wait for the moment where it says “in love” (hopefully never happens!)

At some point in Chapter 1 the Guardian Tree asks for Haku (money) each time you visit him but pays you with random items. In time the small tree starts to grow and asks for more money, resulting in more/rarer items – more or less.

Also: You can play in Single Mode or with other people through the lobby system (accessed by blue stones in the village)

Conclusion: I love it – up to now in chapter 3.
It’s a bit annoying to use lock on target sometimes and to run to the Tenko to send it out again and talk to the Guardian Tree but LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! And loot you need to craft stuff and finish quests. The reason why I ignore (boss) monsters and go for the hidden loot immediately 😀 The NPCs deal with killing and purifying anyways. 😀
Doing missions and quests is also important to gain Haku, as you need loooooots for Tenko food (coloring, voice changers, mood changers), Guardian Tree and crafting/upgrading equip.
Storywise it is really nicely done – especially when you find out more about your companions :3


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