German Wings 4U9525

I offer my condolences to all the families affected by yesterday’s crash.

I hope the passengers and crew did not had to suffer ūüė¶


I heard about yesterday’s crash by a colleague at 11AM.¬†While we discussed it I found on¬†Flightradar24¬†that a plane showed “no callsign” while another machine was flying above it…

German Wings 4U9525

That machine was FAF4012 (French Air Force) and I could follow that machine on Planefinder all afternoon (well, until I left work shortly before 4PM and it was headed back to its station then) when it flew in circles about the crash site.

I hope they will find out the reason why this machine crashed. Hopefully really soon.

On this note I’d like to thank every airline (KLM, Lufthansa, Transavia, German Wings) that brought me home safely when traveling.
Plus (even if that is -in this situation- not nice [or at least weird] to say):
I was sitting in German Wing machines last week too (flight numbers 4U1985 and 4U1984 for AMS <->HAM)¬†and I found these flights (even if it was just about 1,5 hours each) the best flights I had … so far.