Booking Online

…Can be a hassle!

Last Monday I was about to book my holiday for May… I was researching for about 1 hour before I finally decided to book the flight… and another hour to decide on the hotels (yes, really – not many choices in the area as already sold out, expensive or weird location).

Why? Well, first off I cross-checked several websites in Dutch, German and English. As I am native German and live in the Netherlands it might be worth to check both websites plus English websites for price comparison. It’s really worth it. I do that for a few years now and always get a good deal – somewhere 😀
On most German websites I am not able to book as they do not seem to program their websites correctly… it always shows: wrong ZIP code even when changed to Country Netherlands. Sucks. But most German websites do have a Dutch version, so no problem 😀

In the end I went through half of a booking process on a Dutch website (which originally is a German company – as reason above) but then found the fee that applied for administration and credit card charge too expensive. So I checked the flight company website and got a much better deal.

I booked with the flight company but after closing the window with the other website I receive spam now…. EVERY DAY!
Not the spam you would think about but first – 30 minutes after closing the window – I received this email:
“You reserved seats at flight… however we can not send you a confirmation as you did not complete the registration process. leas efollow the link blablabla”
Duh, yes of course because I found a better deal with the airline. Deleted email. 2 hours later the very same email. Deleted.
The next day I receive an email “You did not confirm your reservation. Please follow the link…. note that we can not guarantee the price blabla” – deleted. Another day later the same email again. Friday the same.
Yesterday I received another mail: “Your reservation will expire if you do not follow the link blabla” … and now the mail gets signed by the 3rd person – so these are sent manually.

I wonder how often I will receive these emails.
Several people do not seem to have anything else to do then sending templates (well I kind of know that feeling when I was happy to send off templates to customers in my previous job as it simply was *send mail, place reminder, item gone out of work list* but these were already customers not customers-to-be) but: It is freaking annoying!
Plus: it looks like the company behind the website is desperate to get that reservation – and sadly they won’t show you the real price with fees etc before you enter the email address so hooray for spam mails – I’m sad.

On the other side I am really glad I did not book with them – who knows what would have happened regarding spam mails if I did? :/

So yes, I’m happy and will enjoy my 5 days in Ireland 🙂


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