Happy New Year And Review Of The Last Year

Happy new year everyone! Welcome to the year of the sheep *baaah* 🙂

My new year’s experience was great. I spent the last evening of the old year alone (if you don’t count the people I met while I was gaming), for the first time since I live in this apartment I saw the fireworks near my house. It was a quiet evening and cool fireworks. First one to say hello in the new year was my snake who got anxious about the vibrations caused by the bad boom thingies outside.
For the next year I hope I can do one thing: Travel to Disneyland in US (and maybe watch wales).

Let’s see what the future brings 🙂 The near future will be my ingame-wedding on 3rd (hopig for my new chocobo since the patch got out :D) and the typical new year’s shooting at my dojo on 4th – which I missed out last year due to me traveling to Germany to meet my family and see the musical “The Lion King” in Hamburg.

Sooooo what has 2014 been like?
Well, lot of things happened actually.
I started the year in a relationship with an Austrian-Korean guy (yes, weird combination, really weird) who was in Austria (while I live in the Netherlands…. long distance relationship yay) at the place of a dear friend of mine who sheltered me there so I could go for work the next morning as else I would have been really late~.
In the end I stayed 2 hours as work as I felt really awful – and I know exactly why: Pizza with the following toppings: Eggs, Sauce Hollandaise, Anchovies.

I went to Germany to meet mom, grandma, cousin in Hamburg… I had 2,5 hours until they arrived so I went for the hairdresser in the train station 😀 and shopping as I can not get some things here. We went for a tourist tour and the musical and back home after 2 nights in Hamburg. Dislike for the city.

In February my boyfriend came for 2 weeks… while I was working and as I had planned out my whole holidays for the year he was more alone than with me…. well…. happens.

In March I went for he Leipziger Buchmesse in Leipzig, Germany and to meet up with friends. It was really cool to be there and talk to them and meet new people – on the other side I found out about something that would change me emotionally for a few months: my boyfriend was uber jealous about every stupid thing – even close male friends of mine who I knew for years or when I went somewhere after work without telling him. We had lot of arguments starting in March, which nearly ruined my holiday mood in end of April as I was about to go to Japan.
We made up via talking in Skype the night before I left and it started again while I was in Japan… sadly he nearly ruined my travel already after the 3rd day. I had a good German friend of mine with me who got me into higher spirits after I told her what happened and I could enjoy the rest of the holidays without further issues.

After I came back from an awesome holiday I was also back to work… and back to trouble. A colleague I was close with got fired. The reason I never understood (at least her version as we never got told the manager’s version) but it let my alarms ring.
Shortly after that it got really busy at work and in private as a convention was close and me and a friend took part in the competition – up to this date I could not bear to watch the video! 😦
My boyfriend was back at my place for a week before the convention and it was his first time at a convention – I am glad that the boyfriend of my friend was there too – to entertain him. They had fun, we had stress and fun – hooray.

After that the relationship just got worse and worse… since March it has been collapsing so the final death blow was given in September, a few days before I went for the next convention in Germany.
I still wonder why I was not sad but I guess I saw it coming and I would have ended it earlier if it would not have meant to put him in his so much loved victim role. So I let him end it.
At the same time I already knew I would not get a renewal at work (as my alarm proved to be right) so I was already searching for something new.

I registered as unemployed – I thought – but never got a mail so around a month later when I did not receive money I called them and they said: well sorry the system does not work, you are not registered….. great. They figured that the system did not work with my call…. appearantly it did not work for over a month…. after my call the website was down for 3 days, after that I was registered and waited for money after loading all my savings into my bank account to pay bills.
But – as bad things happen always all together – my toilet broke and my landlady said I need to pay the repairs. That made me losing ground. I actually asked my mom and grandma to transfer my christmas money due to the situation (end of October). Actually that story had a good turn: I received money from grnadma + mom, a day later the unemployment money and I did not need to pay that guy as the problem was not related to any maintenance I could ensure. Safe~ and I bought a PS4 with my Xmas money and upgraded my FF14 account from PS3 to PS4.

End of November a break in my unemployment happened with an interview. They chose me to start just 4 days later. My mom and grandma came for the weekend shortly before I could start my new work and it was really cool.
What is really funny: The day I agreed to start with them, not even 30 minutes later, I received 2 additional job offers – so in the end I could have started with 3 jobs within a few days 😀 Awesome, but still I took that first one as it was neither Customer Service nor Phone-related (and better paid).

Since 2nd of December I am employed as “European Channel Editor” for some big German TV channels – right now we are not live with the system, but will be soon within the next 6 months… also today is my last day of probation time – tomorrow I am officially on holidays. Not really possible but it happened 😀 A long 4 days weekend~

And now I am sitting here and thinking: what a hard year of the horse. But that’s what life is for horses: hard with sugar 😛

So welcome year of the sheep, may it be fluffy!
Happy New Year And Review Of The Last Year
Happy New Year And Review Of The Last Year