Job Search

….can be sooooo frustrating.

Not because I do not have interviews but because well… let’s start at the beginning:

I was not renewed at my last company – knowledge of that 30 days before end of contract. So far so good.
I started to search for other jobs and had interview – while still working there. And the drama started.
The last 3 weeks I was working were horror because either  I went to work (also on weekends) or I had interviews and in between I was also in Germany for 3 days “holiday” which I could barely call holiday because I was waiting for reply regarding an interview and negotiating with my teamlead regarding a shift so I can make it there.
So nooooooooot relaxing holidays. Or any day I could actually rest.

In the end I was totally exhausted. When I started to be unemployed on 1st of October it did not stop. The first 2 weeks in October were filled with appointments so rapidly that I actually told an agency “I am sorry, please schedule that for next week” – the agent never got back to me even after I sent mails regarding new appointment*lol*

Last week finally got quiet (only 2 interviews) and this week started really quiet. I finally got my stress level down.
I still am on search/wait for replies but certainly I will find something new within the next few weeks 🙂


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