FFXIV Chocobo Raising And Colors

Long time no post from my side 🙂
And now I am on it again – CHOCOBOOOOOOO. I love that stupid bugger 😀

With my last post I was speaking about several colors my chocobo had… well, I did not get the dee blue I was aiming for – it is soot black now.
In regards to how much flaming I read about this color, it is ridiculously easy to get it in a few coloring steps (well takes time but woop).

But from the start:
I fed it blue (because I wanted it to be dark blue like midnight or ink)… it got stuck at Royal Blue even with feeding a few red components.

So first:
O’Ghomoro Berry x3 = Ul Brown
FFXIV: Return To The Game

Additionally 3 berries (so in total 6) = Gobbiebag Brown
FFXIV: Return To The Game

In total O’Ghomoro Berry x17 = Lavendel Purple
Asteria Odina 28_08_2014 15_16_56

In total O’Ghomoro Berry x85 = Royal Blue (which did not change even after 125 berries so well….I reset after 1 week as a lot of people suddenly went for royal blue)
FFXIV Chocobo Raising And Colors

I restarted and wen with O’Ghomoro Berry x18 = Plum Purple (which I stayed with for 3 days)
FFXIV Chocobo Raising And Colors

As I then decided to try something else I restarted again…

Xelphatol Apple x4 = Millicorn Orange
FFXIV Chocobo Raising And Colors

In total Xelphatol Apple x17 = Pumpkin Orange
FFXIV Chocobo Raising And Colors
I started to mix colors: Xelphatol Apple x37, O’Ghomoro Berry x22, Mamook Pear x15 = Loam Brown
Asteria Odina 10_09_2014 22_56_57

And finally: Xelphatol Apple x39, O’Ghomoro Berry x25, Mamook Pear x18 = Soot Black

FFXIV Chocobo Raising And Colors


I am thinking about changing the color again but right now – as I am with a new guild and can not grow plants – I save up money to buy my own house to grow fruits 🙂 as i is really expensive to buy them – at least on Phoenix 🙂


As for the raising…
I managed to get Chronos (the name of my Chocobo) to Lv12 (3 Stars).
He is now a lv10 healer, lv4 attacker. Before that he was a hybrid build with most points in attack, lv4 tank and lv5 heal.
I decided to max out healing to obtain Chocobo Medica and -as I had the Whitemage robe anyways- to focus now on the other skills so I can shortly get the robes for attacker and tank – I adore the attacker robe….although I am not quite sure what the knives on the back of its neck are for – to kill the rider?
Right now I profit from my guild’s planting the needed vegetables to feed for exp (as they are by 75% cheaper then the market) but I really look forward to buy my own house….I hope I am fast enough to obtain one with the new patch x_X’ whenever it comes out 😀


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