2 Years Blogging

Woot woot.

12th of October, 2012 I blogged the first time and now that this was 2 years ago loooooooooooots of posts found their way 🙂 (some more meaningful then others but well :D)

Hooray ! Looking forward to another 2 years+


FFXIV: All About Chocobo

At some point it was obvious that this post would come – no? 😀 I love my bugger and there is so much information about chocobos that are barely in one post somewhere so I kind of want to put it on my blog (where at least a few people can find and share it)

Chocobos are tall birds that are used for transportation and riding in the Final Fantasy universe. Their first appearance was in Final Fantasy II.
Chocobos are usually yellow, while FFXIV has the feature to feed different food to color them from a wide Red, Yellow, Blue, Green Spectre.

In the early beginning of FFXIV Chocobos were used to transport players.
First only NPC Chocobos were available while a quest enabled Lv30 players to ride an own chocobo (a Chocobo Whistle needs to be obtained with the respective company the player is with)
As soon as a player obtained the whistle, an NPC enabled the usage of the own chocobo – including the naming of it.

Chocobos are “naked” when received.
They can wear different bardings such as company bardings, special obtained or crafted bardings.

An overview of bardings that can be achieved (sorted by name):

  • Barding of Light (Veteran reward): A suit of chocobo armor designed to resemble a legendary warrior of the Light.
  • Behemoth Barding (Behemoth Horn Exchange): A suit of chocobo armor designed to resemble a ferocious behemoth.
  • Blackmage Barding (Veteran reard): An expertly crafted suit of aether-infused chocobo armor, designed to mimic the garb of the black mages of days past.
  • Eerie Barding (Seasonal Event): An expertly crafted suit of aether-infused chocobo armor, designed to mimic the garb of the black mages of days past.
  • Egg Harness (Seasonal Event): An egg-themed chocobo harness created in celebration of Hatching-tide.
  • Gridanian Barding (Company): A full plate suit of Twin Adder-issue chocobo armor.
  • Gridanian Crested Barding (Company): An elaborately decorated suit of Twin Adder-issue chocobo armor.
  • Gridanian Half Barding (Company): A lightweight suit of Twin Adder-issue chocobo armor.
  • Levin Barding (Craft): A suit of chocobo armor designed to resemble Ramuh, the Lord of Levin.
  • Lominsan Barding (Company): A full plate suit of Maelstrom-issue chocobo armor.
  • Lominsan Crested Barding (Company): An elaborately decorated suit of Maelstrom-issue chocobo armor.
  • Lominsan Half Barding (Company): A lightweight suit of Maelstrom-issue chocobo armor.
  • Plumed Barding (Achievement): A suit of chocobo armor adorned with brilliant plumage. This particular design is quite popular amongst chocobo enthusiasts.
  • Sleipnir Barding (Odin Mantle Exchange): A suit of pitch-black chocobo armor designed to resemble that worn by the legendary steed of the elder primal Odin.
  • Sovereign Barding (Achievement): A suit of chocobo armor designed to resemble that of a chocobo king of legend.
  • Starlight Barding (Seasonal Event): A suit of chocobo armor as worn by those legendary birds said to carry gifts from the stars.
  • Tidal Barding (Craft): A suit of chocobo armor designed to resemble Leviathan, the Lord of the Whorl.
  • Ul’Dahn Barding (Company): A full plate suit of Immortal Flame-issue chocobo armor.
  • Ul’Dahn Crested Barding (Company): An elaborately decorated suit of Immortal Flames-issue chocobo armor.
  • Ul’Dahn Half Barding (Company): A lightweight suit of Immortal Flame-issue chocobo armor.
  • Chocobo level related barding: Tank, Attacker, Healer are obtained when leveling each class to lv10

Summoning the Chocobo:

Chocobos could be summoned as a mount or a fight companion.
As a mount: You ride it, Genius.
As companion in battle it gained experience.
The chocobo itself is always synced to the players level but gains its own EXP for skill levels.

Leveling the Chocobo:

Chocobos could only gain EXP in fights until this was made easier with implementation of the chocobo stable at houses (free company or private houses).
Now they can be trained once/hour with Krakka Roots by the owner and another player (which is actually twice/hour).

They gain EXP based on their level and stable quality while feeding – in fights that depends upon the level of monsters.
Chocobos will never gain experience on monsters that are 10 level+ below the players level.

Feeding a chocobo in the stable  until the EXP bar is full is possible, but chocobos can not level up in the stable if they are below lv10!

If you got a chocobo below Lv10, you need to get it out for at least 1 monster kill so the chocobo can level up.
If the chocobo is lv10+ you need to feed a Thavnairian Onion each time the cap of EXP is reached to reset to the next level and give already a few EXP.
*** Please note: If you feed it before that happens it will be consumed as a normal Krakka Root (a pop-up message will tell you that this will happen so you don’t waste the precious onion). ***

Food to improve Chocobo EXP:

  • Curiel Root
  • Krakka Root
  • Thavnairian Onion (Raises level cap after lv10  gives EXP on new level)

*** Please note that the quality of a stable affects the amount of EXP earned so try to keep it as clean as possible. ***

Skill Trees:

The player can choose from three skill types are available: Tank, Healer, Attacker.
Each of these skill trees can be maxed out to 10 ranks each. Ranks will be obtained when the chocobo raises in level.

Hereby it does not matter if you prefer an “all points in one” or hybrid. However: If you want to have a skill’s barding, you need to max out a skill tree.
(My own chocobo was a hybrid until lv10 – with most points in attack, lv5 heal and lv3 tank. Before I switched him to a lv10 healer to obtain the barding and went on with attacker.)

A chocobo can learn 30 skills in total.
Any skill learned needs to be learned in order, e.g. it is impossible to teach a chocobo immediately a lv10 skill – a player needs to level up the respective skill tree first.

A chocobo earns a skill point/level up to lv10 (lv1 -1, lv2 -2, etc). After lv10 it is 10 points/level (as far as I can tell – my own is now Lv12, on its way to 13).
A level 10 chocobo has 55 skill points. A level 20 chocobo has 165 points (you can max out every class with this and obtain all of the 3 bardings).
*** At this point I’d like to thank my guildie Mizo Koala (Phoenix) for pointing out that it is possible to obtain all 3 skill bardings when keeping on leveling the chocobo ***

Is it possible to respec the chocobo? Yes. You can buy the item Reagan Pepper with alliance seals (obtained by hunting dailies/weekly/ hunt mobs).

Food to improve skill tree specs:

  • Mimett Gourd (Increases your chocobo companion’s healing magic potency.)
  • Pahsana Fruit (Increases your chocobo companion’s enmity.)
  • Reagan Pepper (Resets all of a chocobo’s SP.)
  • Sylkis Bud (Increases your chocobo companion’s attack potency.)
  • Tantalplant (Increases your chocobo companion’s maximum HP.)


Chocobos are desert yellow by nature.
However it is possible to color the feathers when feeding different fruits to them – this is only possible in a stable at a house.
The color changes depend on: Fruits fed and quality of stable.

Each fruit has a color code of 3. There are 6 types of color changing fruits and 1 reset fruit.
All fruits can be obtained with alliance seals.

Available fruits:

  • Cieldalaes Pineapple (Less Blue)
  • Doman Plum (Less Red)
  • Valfruit (Less Green)
  • O’Ghomoro Berry (More Blue)
  • Xelphatol Apple (More Red)
  • Mamook Peer (More Green)
  • Han Lemon (Restores to default Desert Yellow color)

Desert Yellow has a RGB (Red Green Blue) code of: 216, 175, 80

Colors vary from snow white to soot black with different shades of yellow, green, blue, red. An overview can be checked here.

When feeding a fruit, it might show a message: “XXX grows new feathers” (or something similar).
This message can be shown repeatedly after feeding more fruits but it will just mark that a new color is available – It does not mean that the chocobo jumps more than one color. This, of course, depends on amount and kind of fruit which were fed.
The stable quality (meaning: how clean it is) also plays a part in this as a higher quality has an impact on how fast you will obtain the feather change message (proven! Chocobos tend to need more fruit for feather growing when the stable is not as its best, eg: Ul Brown ticks after feeding 3 blue berries when stable quality is good but needs more than 5 when quality is poor.).

After feeding the chocobo needs to rest for 6 hours in the stable. If you remove it in that time, the change (and fruits fed) is lost.

*** Although a certain amount of fruits needs to be fed to obtain a color, some colors can not be achieved in one feeding session.*** This is not yet proven by myself as I took breaks in between too to check the colors/grow more color plants. ***

Color examples:

FFXIV: Return To The Game Asteria Odina 10_09_2014 22_56_57 FFXIV Chocobo Raising And Colors FFXIV: Return To The Game FFXIV Chocobo Raising And Colors










That basically covers everything about the chocobo – if anything is forgotten, please leave a comment so I can add it 🙂

Of course this post will be updated with further patch changes.

Job Search

….can be sooooo frustrating.

Not because I do not have interviews but because well… let’s start at the beginning:

I was not renewed at my last company – knowledge of that 30 days before end of contract. So far so good.
I started to search for other jobs and had interview – while still working there. And the drama started.
The last 3 weeks I was working were horror because either  I went to work (also on weekends) or I had interviews and in between I was also in Germany for 3 days “holiday” which I could barely call holiday because I was waiting for reply regarding an interview and negotiating with my teamlead regarding a shift so I can make it there.
So nooooooooot relaxing holidays. Or any day I could actually rest.

In the end I was totally exhausted. When I started to be unemployed on 1st of October it did not stop. The first 2 weeks in October were filled with appointments so rapidly that I actually told an agency “I am sorry, please schedule that for next week” – the agent never got back to me even after I sent mails regarding new appointment*lol*

Last week finally got quiet (only 2 interviews) and this week started really quiet. I finally got my stress level down.
I still am on search/wait for replies but certainly I will find something new within the next few weeks 🙂

FFXIV Chocobo Raising And Colors

Long time no post from my side 🙂
And now I am on it again – CHOCOBOOOOOOO. I love that stupid bugger 😀

With my last post I was speaking about several colors my chocobo had… well, I did not get the dee blue I was aiming for – it is soot black now.
In regards to how much flaming I read about this color, it is ridiculously easy to get it in a few coloring steps (well takes time but woop).

But from the start:
I fed it blue (because I wanted it to be dark blue like midnight or ink)… it got stuck at Royal Blue even with feeding a few red components.

So first:
O’Ghomoro Berry x3 = Ul Brown
FFXIV: Return To The Game

Additionally 3 berries (so in total 6) = Gobbiebag Brown
FFXIV: Return To The Game

In total O’Ghomoro Berry x17 = Lavendel Purple
Asteria Odina 28_08_2014 15_16_56

In total O’Ghomoro Berry x85 = Royal Blue (which did not change even after 125 berries so well….I reset after 1 week as a lot of people suddenly went for royal blue)
FFXIV Chocobo Raising And Colors

I restarted and wen with O’Ghomoro Berry x18 = Plum Purple (which I stayed with for 3 days)
FFXIV Chocobo Raising And Colors

As I then decided to try something else I restarted again…

Xelphatol Apple x4 = Millicorn Orange
FFXIV Chocobo Raising And Colors

In total Xelphatol Apple x17 = Pumpkin Orange
FFXIV Chocobo Raising And Colors
I started to mix colors: Xelphatol Apple x37, O’Ghomoro Berry x22, Mamook Pear x15 = Loam Brown
Asteria Odina 10_09_2014 22_56_57

And finally: Xelphatol Apple x39, O’Ghomoro Berry x25, Mamook Pear x18 = Soot Black

FFXIV Chocobo Raising And Colors


I am thinking about changing the color again but right now – as I am with a new guild and can not grow plants – I save up money to buy my own house to grow fruits 🙂 as i is really expensive to buy them – at least on Phoenix 🙂


As for the raising…
I managed to get Chronos (the name of my Chocobo) to Lv12 (3 Stars).
He is now a lv10 healer, lv4 attacker. Before that he was a hybrid build with most points in attack, lv4 tank and lv5 heal.
I decided to max out healing to obtain Chocobo Medica and -as I had the Whitemage robe anyways- to focus now on the other skills so I can shortly get the robes for attacker and tank – I adore the attacker robe….although I am not quite sure what the knives on the back of its neck are for – to kill the rider?
Right now I profit from my guild’s planting the needed vegetables to feed for exp (as they are by 75% cheaper then the market) but I really look forward to buy my own house….I hope I am fast enough to obtain one with the new patch x_X’ whenever it comes out 😀