Lots of Series

Recently I was busy watching a lot of (new) series…

Actually I did not had any interest but simply bored of watching the same stuff over and over again when turning on the TV.
As I am watching Once Upon a Time and Game of Thrones I checked for similar series – and found them:

Was a tip of a friend of mine. Based on a real story this is about a guy who becomes a murderer and covers up his ass… (Brutal, really brutal stuff)

Sadly not being continued after the second series, the story is about the Roman Empire und Caesar and Octavian. It’s a really good mix of stories from different people – especially a few soldiers. (But so said it’s really brutal and a lot of sex 😛 )

Right now waiting for Season 4. Really cool story about the slave who became Spartacus. (Lot of brtualit and sex here too)

The Tudors
I kind of missed out on that series when it was launched on German TV as I was studying in University and I was kind of hesistant to watch but it’s such a good series about the life of Henry VIII and his 6 wives. (Brutality and sex included)

(Finally something without sex 😀 ) I did not like it when I saw the trailers on TV. Still I gave it a chance and what can I say? I’m hooked, so I think it is weird to have, drop and regain weird abilities that are for killing people… now waiting for the new season…

Covert Affairs
New series just started a few weeks ago *hooray* although it got kind of lame, I’d say…. well I’ll see if it can keep up expecations. In the beginning it was really cool to watch but I think they could have stopped the CIA drama in season 4 hmm.

I was hesistant to watch it. Sounded like stereotypical rubbish but actually I was quite surprised (also because of the pretty damn good German spelling of the actors) and can’t wait for the new season.

The follow-up series of the movie Legion. Maaaaaaan sci-fi at it’s best – angels whacking humans and humans whacking angels. These wings~ love it (yes because of the wings, not only because of the rest, but well).

The Knick
That one is gross… sometimes. But good. About doctors who try to save lives (mostly) in the early 20th century with medical limitations.

Orange is the new Black
That is such a good series. And sometimes unexpected. Women in prison were less entertaining with the old German series “Frauenknast” (which was really nice series o be honest but really….well, German).


Starting in October I will start also to watch Arrow and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. again and will try out The Flash. Also new season of Once Upon a Time starts in October or so. Woop. Yes I’m nuts 😀


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