FFXIV: Return To The Game

After a break of 3 months I returned to play FFXIV. It was a really quiet start where I left off… and found out so much things in 30 minutes I did not figure out in the 9 months I was playing before. Ridiculous! But fun!

For example: As a PS3 player you are able to connect a keyboard and mouse to choose how to play. I knew that before BUT I figured out how to change the window size of severa menu windows that were oversized. Wow. Would have been so much easier to figure that earlier. Or how to remove skills without overwriting them with other skills…. man was I dumb 😀

With the new patches some new features were implemented – such as leveling vendors in specific jobs, Gardening, Chocobo training/coloring, private rooms, Hunting.
What can I say?

* My vendors are fisher, miner, botanist (yes, I pay for a 3rd one as I ot so much trash in my inventory it would explode when I store everything there). Woohoo. Don’t ask what they bring me from their hunts, it’s pretty much random from trash up to really nice blue equip (which I most likely don’t need).

* Hunting is ridiculous. Mostly the monsters disappear when a certain amount of players arrives – or some group does not want to wait (so called ninja-trolls) and kills it the moment you arrive.
Great to kill something you can not see (and waste time to not get anything out of it) – even when healing a party it should not matter if you don’t see the monster because you heal your fellows right? No you need to attack the monster else no points. Ridiculously frustrating. A fix was provided but apparently works only with a PS4. Anyone can give me the money for a PS4 so I can try? 😀

* Gardening is fun but each company has only max. 8 spots. For our company we have a rule that we need to tell the responsible garden person how many slots we need for plants (which can also cross with other plants therefore sometimes we need 2 spots/person).
It can be frustrating if you try to cross plants and the result is not what you wanted… right now I focuse on Chocobo training and color plants. (So I tried to get a crossed plant but did not work out 😛 )

* Chocobo Training / Coloring is really random. Not the training because that’s jus feeding EXP which you usually get by killing monsters. But the colors part is kind of random. My chocobo was fed with blue-deepening berries.
It turned brown: Ul Brown. FFXIV: Return To The Game

I fed more blue berries. It was then Gobbuebag Brown. (It’s like 2 ounces darker then the one before as I received the message it will grow new feathers twice)

FFXIV: Return To The Game

Wow. Hilarious. I fed him more berries (and received the message it will grow new feathers 7 times). Then it turned Lavender Purple.FFXIV: Return To The GameQuite nice with the Light or Behemoth armor. Asteria Odina 28_08_2014 15_16_56

Right now it got some more berries working on its feathers another 3 times. Gonna see what it will be later. 😛 Maybe it gets a deep purple?

FFXIV: Return To The GameNo?

* Private rooms are seemly expensive. Pay 300k first (only if the company has already an estate), then furnish that thing. Mine looked like a carneval in the beginning with a Storm Ceiling (Ul’Dah company provided), Maelstrom Wall (Limsa company provided) and Serpent carpet (Gridania company provided)…. I put in some things which I got from my vendors while they were on hunt for items and crafted some more later when I had my crafter’s job level up. Now it looks kind of nice 🙂
And I am sooooo addicted on Manor that half of my room is filled with Manor stuff 😀

FFXIV: Return To The Game

FFXIV: Return To The Game FFXIV: Return To The GameFFXIV: Return To The Game



Lots of Series

Recently I was busy watching a lot of (new) series…

Actually I did not had any interest but simply bored of watching the same stuff over and over again when turning on the TV.
As I am watching Once Upon a Time and Game of Thrones I checked for similar series – and found them:

Was a tip of a friend of mine. Based on a real story this is about a guy who becomes a murderer and covers up his ass… (Brutal, really brutal stuff)

Sadly not being continued after the second series, the story is about the Roman Empire und Caesar and Octavian. It’s a really good mix of stories from different people – especially a few soldiers. (But so said it’s really brutal and a lot of sex 😛 )

Right now waiting for Season 4. Really cool story about the slave who became Spartacus. (Lot of brtualit and sex here too)

The Tudors
I kind of missed out on that series when it was launched on German TV as I was studying in University and I was kind of hesistant to watch but it’s such a good series about the life of Henry VIII and his 6 wives. (Brutality and sex included)

(Finally something without sex 😀 ) I did not like it when I saw the trailers on TV. Still I gave it a chance and what can I say? I’m hooked, so I think it is weird to have, drop and regain weird abilities that are for killing people… now waiting for the new season…

Covert Affairs
New series just started a few weeks ago *hooray* although it got kind of lame, I’d say…. well I’ll see if it can keep up expecations. In the beginning it was really cool to watch but I think they could have stopped the CIA drama in season 4 hmm.

I was hesistant to watch it. Sounded like stereotypical rubbish but actually I was quite surprised (also because of the pretty damn good German spelling of the actors) and can’t wait for the new season.

The follow-up series of the movie Legion. Maaaaaaan sci-fi at it’s best – angels whacking humans and humans whacking angels. These wings~ love it (yes because of the wings, not only because of the rest, but well).

The Knick
That one is gross… sometimes. But good. About doctors who try to save lives (mostly) in the early 20th century with medical limitations.

Orange is the new Black
That is such a good series. And sometimes unexpected. Women in prison were less entertaining with the old German series “Frauenknast” (which was really nice series o be honest but really….well, German).


Starting in October I will start also to watch Arrow and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. again and will try out The Flash. Also new season of Once Upon a Time starts in October or so. Woop. Yes I’m nuts 😀


Long time no entry.

The last few weeks were a bit harsh…. stress, sick for more than 4 weeks (different things), hit by a car in a hit&run.

Right now I enjoy the stormish wind outside (that kept me awake last night x_x) until I need to go to work at 2:30. Yay~ for late shifts. Wouldn’t have thought I might be glad for a late shift that keeps me from falling asleep at work if I would have an early shift 😛

Gonna see that I’ll post some new things 🙂