Final Fantasy XIV – Atma Farming

I’m back in the game and started where I left it in March: Atma farming.

I think it went quite fast the way I proceeded after making up my theory in March.

I had 6 atmas (out of 12) wen I left the game. I am now at 11. Missing one: Goat. Stubborn thing.
It does not want to drop. Maybe because I changed my original plan.

In March I had this idea as the atmas are symbols for the zodiac that I should farm them in their order – so I did and was quite lucky with most of them as I got them in less than 10 fates. So some were ridiculous and let me farm for ages…
in the end I stopped after 2 afternoons after endless running and fights. At least my chocobo leveled 😛

So when I rejoined the game I still had my theory in mind but also changed it a bit… 4 hours and I had 4 atmas. Next one took me 45 minutes this morning.
So now I’m stuck with the last one: Goat. East Shroud. Ridiculous location. Because the damn sylph fates spawn every 5 minutes or something.

After 5 hours….nothing. Also because that wasn’t the original plan – maybe.

I went with a really stupid idea: In order of the zodiacs. Worked fine for me. Until I changed it when I restarted: Order by locations. I started doing this by Noscea (as I stopped there) – Thanalan – Shroud. Worked. Somehow.

So I’m missing goat. Trying for hours now…. (in total 7) and I found some opinions for these at different websites.

Some people think it’s based on how many people are on the map – bullocks to be honest.
Some say it’s based on Server Time or luck and parties and so on.

For me the following worked: Order by Zodiacs – I got 6 in 2 afternoons (some in 1-3 tries even).
And for the second run: by map areas. Got 4 in  4 hours. 1 in 45 minutes.
Just the last one seems awkward. But as I did not try anything else yet I will try this which I found in a blog – worth a try 😀

To start with the conclusion, almost all of the comments in the Japanese diary post are people who have tested the method and can confirm that it is indeed working. Many of them have been farming for days without luck and have obtained multiple Atma within hours of trying this.

Just to help out with the translation a bit:

The idea is that all Atma have specific drop times, indicated by the list below:

Atma of the MAIDEN – Central Shroud – 1:00

Atma of the SCORPION – Southern Thanalan – 2:00

Atma of the WATER BEARER – Upper La Noscea – 3:00

Atma of the GOAT – East Shroud – 4:00

Atma of the BULL – Eastern Thanalan – 5:00

Atma of the RAM – Middle La Noscea – 6:00

Atma of the TWINS – Western Thanalan – 7:00

Atma of the LION – Outer La Noscea – 8:00

Atma of the FISH – Lower La Noscea – 9:00

Atma of the ARCHER – North Shroud – 10:00

Atma of the SCALES – Central Thanalan – 11:00

Atma of the CRAB – Western La Noscea – 12:00

AM/PM is irrelevant. The time appears to be local time, not server or Eorzea time.

The drop rate appears to be high enough at the indicated times that most people got their drop within 10-15 minutes (3-4 FATEs).

There is also a cap of sorts that limits you to a maximum of 4 Atma every 12 hours.

Of course, the best way to find out if this works is to try it yourself. I have not tried it myself yet.


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