Anime Con 2014

It was sooooooo busy. And I was Kagamine Rin (Project Diva F costume “Rain”)

I prolly will think twice before I agree to take part in a cosplay competition again haha 🙂 although the whole thing was well organized with rehearsal, judging, meeting before it starts etc etc etc but it was really tiring to watch the time when not being backstage.
Haaaah~ and I’m kind of happy it was over after I messed up quite badly with the performance.

But what I really loved: Judge Reika wore a cosplay from Tales of the Abyss – Jade Curtis *___* and Judge Yeugene was really happy about my cosplay choice and she will do it too someday. Awesome~

It was such a great day to cosplay – not too hot or cold and although all time in the convention area it was quite nice (if you don’t count the amount of sweat I sweated out for reason of being nervous all the time).
Soooooo. In the end I had lots of fun, lots of nervousness and I am feeling really tired the day after. Like my body planned on keeping all the muscle pain for the day after the convention…. argh~ 😛


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